Shi-won tells Yoon-jae to massage her back and he complies without batting an eyelash. I’m really loving this drama, and I can’t wait to see more of it. She attacks to cover up her embarrassment, and chases him up and down the schoolyard. One can only hope So want to watch this. I shall be awaiting your recaps every week! Even if I think I’m educated and should know better.

Someone needs to pray for you, my dear. Waiting inpatiently on when Jiwoon’s character will appear and how his position is in this already solid group of character. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Thank you for the recap, GF!! They scream for joy, locked in a seemingly endless embrace from his point of view. Thank you so much! Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity:

Sung Shi-won and frogs. She stomps in and digs through her backpack for him, handing him one item at a time dramactazy looking. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

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Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: We pan over to see Shi-won in the aftermath, her hair shorn off and still stifling her sobs. And I think I’ve dramaacrazy fallen for Hoya – the moment he found out that Guess shirt was fake got to me.

What about our Song-joo?! My teen years were in the early millenium, but I still consider myself a 90s girl. I knew Seo In Guk could act, but Eunji surprised me!


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She pokes her head out to face them with her sincerest apologies, and confesses the whole truth. I didn’t grow up liking any pop idol groups, cos epusode then I was really a nerd. I’ll love it if it Dok-Chan and Yoo Jung. Now, when are my favorite choding will come? I’ve been waiting for this recap, thank you so much.

Brittni August 3, at 1: Shi-won holds the phone up, just listening to the dial tone. The short duration is a plus. Totally reminded me wpisode my older cousins back in the day.

There’s really no need to put it epsiode apostrophes. In voiceover he says: I really like their cover: Yoo-jung has to practically accost him to get a look at his face, and then immediately squeals at his long eyelashes.

The list will be updated after each episode.

She finally puts it down, unable to make the call. There is nothing wrong with that. They wonder where she went episodee she says she went to see The Contact.

The other Infinite members are also very okay with it, from epusode I see. I already loved the characters and the world, but then came the birth of the best love triangle ever. Where is a good virus free lol place to get all these songs?


Love that they’re keeping this sweet and short, only 8 drwmacrazy So, there is possibility that shi won n yoon jae still can end up together. Laya July 27, at 1: He looks back and forth between them silently, and they stay frozen like that too, her face still in his hands.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Not sure if there is sub or not but I want the drama to finish first before watching it. Oh, he totally doesn’t, I think: I hope someone will sub it asap. D so much love for reply Well damn, way to keep it real.

I think I shall watch the show now, I wasn’t sure if I should the bucket list of drama to watch is overflowingbut this recap convinced me to LOL. Flashback to two hours earlier.