Way to be a mature adult, Sang Hee. Save your pride and move on stop giving unsolicited advice for AJ, will you?! Sure, some of that is inconsistencies in his character but KJH attacked them with gusto and I loved what I saw. It’s not like the premise in “Coffee Prince” or “My Princess” nevermind “MGIAG” were believable, but the lead characters and their relationships were ibelievable and totally engaging in those rom-coms. Everyone should see this clip and here is the link http: I still think he looks amazing in his suits!!! Ratings must work for local advertisers.

No body can do it like you. NGL, the Cinderella bits were overkill. Gosh, someone get Hyun bin to come teach this writer how it goes!!! Ah Jung thinks the guy should pick. WHy would they call her late at night to tell her she is fired? OMG because you all…my imagination going wild…bandit kiss. Kwon Hae Hyo Supporting Cast. I swear Ji Hwan dug out the daddy death scene from there where Geun Seok looked all constipated, BTW, seriously Chang Hwe not his best performance for moments of this episode.

Wait until business hours. Or else, I would’ve trown something at my laptop lol. Episode 13 and 14 really saddens me.

Aunt meets with Ki Joon and lays out the damage — World Group stocks have plummeted. If this is not a plot, then what is a plot? I was having so much fun earlier and just discovered none of my posts came up after the morning session. Do you also have the instrumental version of Lovin’ Ice Cream. In the car ride, she reminisces about her past moments with Ki Mw. Oh my god seriously. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


I call it the YEH dramwcrazy. Jimboy Tupaz…Very well said!

Angel June 1, at 5: Thanks a lot Koala for your precious recaps. I hope KJ will go after her and comfort her, console her and tell her that she love her He is there for her no matter what.

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To avoid a scandal. Just “helping” her out, huh? Kiara June 1, at 6: I dont care about anything at this point.

Jedi Park is the best friend ever, and I really pray that her and Demigod, realize they love each other and have little demi-jedi babies!! Leishers May 31, at draamacrazy In Harry Potter, Hermione and Draco Ah Jung packs all her belongings at work and walks out. But poor AJ, she’s gonna be getting really confused with this all. Will he love Ah-jung as she is. Vincenzo is indeed a smart man.

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Dramaceazy like all the scene in it. Like in the episod — I had no trouble believing that were they alone, KJ would not be able to keep his hands off AJ — he finds her that sexy while she works!. And then she goes to So-ran — who has just heard that Ah-jung knows of her marital woes — and cops to the lie. Yeah, I might have to rewatch Coffee Prince. YEH is very anal about that she still talks honorifics with her Baby V. Gosh, someone get Hyun bin to come teach this writer how it goes!!!


He agrees with Manager Park, he has to use his heart to come close to AJ. He was on a roll and nailing every single line. I gasped when I saw it. Check your email, lady. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character in a Kdrama gag while his buddy is throwing up drwmacrazy sitting on the potty.

He asks her to explain in detail what happened, but Ah Jung simply wants to take responsibility and resign. Sang Hee looked more handsome too, Lle dunno why…he was really cute trying to comfort Ah Jung in his own way. Or “only true pairing. But her lie and the continuation of it did end up causing considerable scandal for the Ministry.

It was really informative.

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Like what OC Koala said, totally making out with their eyes and half smiles. The suspense is killing me! Ki Joon says that Ah Jung needs to be his. Kwon Hae Hyo Supporting Cast. But it probably was imagined; I’ve edited the description. He tries to cheer her ho by singing a horrible off-key rendition of a song, which does make Ah Jung laugh. Then KJ and then her officemates even though they don’t know why.