Quotes from Dragon Rider. He coughs, moans, grunts, squeals, etc. Dragon Rider original title: I just can’t make myself finish the book because I really don’t care about any of the characters or the ultimate outcome. Drachenreiter is a German children’s novel by Cornelia Funke. I think ths book is btter in german tan in english because that is the way it is original in and because tere are better adjectives in the german version. What about these books? To Twigleg’s dismay, in the center of the Rim of Heaven is a great lake, a perfect gateway for Nettlebrand, who can travel instantaneously by water.

I wanted to fly with dragons too. I have to say, for all the fantasy I’ve read, I ran across some creatures here that I didn’t recall having heard of. Two months later, news reached the humans that Firedrake has convinced the silver dragons to come with him to the Rim of Heaven. The stone sticks to the Raven’s wing and sends him panicking to shore. Ben is an orphan boy with a kind heart. Encountering a basilisk and a band of zealous archaeologists, the party eventually befriends a kindly scientist named Professor Greenbloom. He also reveals Nettlebrand’s origin—an alchemist created Nettlebrand as a dragon killing machine to obtain the Dragons’ horns which he used in his experiments to create gold.

She alone knows a way to help Firedrake fly without moonlight. There’s no mystery to capture me, no question that doesn’t have an obvious answer and outcome. All over the place!

Her characters feel 2D, lacking real depth and I tried very hard to get into this book, but like Ink Heart it just didn’t catch me. Certainly not enough time to finish your quarrel with this dim-witted mushroom-muncher.

Cornelia Funke

BenSorrelFiredrake. No one knows how they could ever stop him since he is twenty times as strong as one dragon as well as immune to other dragons’ firepower. Ben is his reincarnation, and his destiny is to save the silver dragons from a terrible enemy. I like this book because I like Cornelia funke and because I like fantasie. Die Feder eines Greifs on 23 Septemberwith the hopes of releasing it in English the following rdachenreiter in Day finished December 4, What made this even better?


In Dragon Rider this trauma is embodied in Nettlebrand, a compelling although not completely fleshed out mechanic dragon. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

At one point they attract the attention of Nettlebrand, the The dragons are about to dravhenreiter displaced by humans and they must find a new home. Ben is an orphan boy with a kind heart. I read this ages ago and loved it, and then recently listened to it with my kids. Return to Book Page. The packs have long been broken up and devoured by the Golden One.

Dragon Rider (Dragon Rider, #1) by Cornelia Funke

After a hazardous encounter with a Roc, they are forced off course and must take refuge in a valley. In disgust, Sorrel spits on the golden scale which the Professor gave to Ben. Unfortunately for Nettlebrand, the armor polish has been replaced with Brownie spits. Maybe others who don’t often read would corrnelia this type of narration, but it was endlessly frustrating and nearly impossible to get through in spite of an interesting plot.

There, they are welcomed by the monks, who look on Firedrake as a bringer of good fortune. Nettlebrand, who now knows their location, is coming. This book rises and falls so many times you can’t even tell where the rising and the falling actionis.

The New Xrachenreiter Times. I have so many, I won’t be able to write them down in one lifetime. Feb 14, Eshusdaughter rated it it was ok Shelves: Ben succeeds in fulfilling the Djinn’s arcane requirements with the question: His voice is well modulated and he is able to do a great variety of voices with obvious relish.


fnke Encountering a basilisk and a band of zealous archaeologists, the party eventually befriends a kindly scientist named Professor Greenbloom.

Not a bad young adult fantasy, a little dull at times but overall still a really good story full of wit and imagination. Firedrake travels to London with his friend Sorrel, a forest brownie, to find Gilbert Graytail, a rat who specializes in making maps. Tintenwelt-Trilogiepublished in the United Kingdom between — When Nettlebrand enters the cave, he was at once dive-bombed by Firedrake, Maia, and Lola in her plane.

Published June 4th by Chicken House first published February 1st It was probably one of the best audiobooks I’ve listened to. Along the way, Firedrake and his brownie companion “Sorrel” will meet “Ben”, a runaway orphan, “Twigleg”, a humunculus, a super excited magical creatu First of all, this is a children book, and I mean it, so when reading it, you can’t let the adult you judge it.

Basta Meggie Folchart Mortimer Folchart. Twigleg, and his eleven other Homunculus brothers, were made as Nettlebrand’s caretakers. Audiobook Comments Funke does such a great job of bringing together elements of a great story. Dec 11, Raymond Banuelos rated it it was amazing. Just too darn cute! Like many such books when the protagonist steps beyond the shelt Dragon Rider is a good dragon book that doesn’t delve too deeply into dragon lore, preferring to stand on it’s own as more of an adventure tale involving dragons.