She raises her son into a well-balanced and educated person though strict discipline and will be rewarded by seeing him become the king. Kang-to receives all the files on the Judge Choi case and gets to work. She leaves him with a box of cookies that turns out to be stacks of cash, and Judge Choi gets on the phone right away to release the husband, saying the victim was at fault. He calls the judge by his name, then amends, using a different name—a name that must be a secret, since the judge is alarmed. She gingerly and wisely maneuvers through the deadly political infighting in the royal court in order to survive and protect her son. This second phase of the story sees JOJ reaching her goal of becoming Queen but also sees the beginning of her downfall. DY seems overwhelmed by his emotional reaction seeing her.

Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Guards arrive and confiscate the books, but the head is so worried that he breaks into the library to get the books back. Damn, this guy is cool. JHJ has arrived in the city to wine and dine bribe the Qing envoys and rents a gisaeng house from the wealthy merchant. We cut to him in another room of the gisaeng house… staring down at a gun. And then as he screams, the image changes to Kang-to, strung up and being tortured in his place. She wears all white and sits on the ground as her hair accessories, which symbolise her status, are removed.

So basically, Murayama is for genocide while Kimura is for indentured servitude and humans as war supplies. I firmly believe that a drama ought to be enhanced by a knowledge of history, but not be incomprehensible without it. Kang-to runs back inside and spots Gaksital in mywatchpaad hallway. Chief Seo and Chun Seo are on their way north but they have to keep episdoe their horses at various stops and when they get nearer there are no horses to rent as JHJ has taken them all!


Choi Chul Ho Supporting Cast.

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She thanks him and he tosses back this childish smile that kills me. Kang-to sits in the audience and smiles, finding them amusing, or maybe just pathetic, while Dan races to the courthouse and pleads to be allowed to watch. In it, the judge poses alongside Chief Kimura Taro.

But then she asks him to close the blinds, which he does while staring out at Kang-to. Aw, he got a smile! Kang-to goes for a second attempt, but Gaksital just knocks him down with the flat of his sword, then outstretches his hand to Dan as he gallops toward her.

Sign of the Heavens Team. But she orders them to poison her. Kang-to waits nervously and Shunji calls him to the torture room… just so he can show off what a 229 job he did in torturing the guy. He screams this horrifying, ugly rage, as Kye-soon splashes and struggles for her life.

He cocks the gun and presses it to her temple. She passes a note the time and place of the money hand-off to Deok-soo, so he song match his story. With the populace sufficiently traumatized into bowing their heads, the funeral procession continues. JHJ is furious but he has to let DY go. Your villainy will pass disaster upon your descendants.


He learns that DY is alive and well, right under his nose! Chief Kimura puts his son to the task of capturing Gaksital.

Gaksital [ Bridal Mask ]

That is just… wow, well-played, Show. Lee Jung Hoon Supporting Cast.

But when she challenges the eunuchs about this they mywatchpax her up! But Judge Choi is chatting with the sexy wife of a royal, who does not approve, and so he denies the request.

Gaksital springs off his horse and leaps right into the fray with the officers, seemingly unconcerned that some of them have guns. They celebrate, and then Tamao opens his eyes, having heard it all. The strength of unity! She has to run away when the fire starts and gets chased by the assassins. And as we know, he was the one to catch Damsari.

What, sir, do you not watch any movies?

Gaksital [ Bridal Mask ]

He says he got no useful information from him, but Kang-to ought to be satisfied that he caused a bunch of pain. Kang-to actually poses with her father for a commemorative photo, smiling next to the dead man walking. Resistance episoee and a nationalistic movement grew, culminating in the March First Movement in