Overview Doli Armaanon Ki is a story of Urmi, a young girl, who gets married to Samrat, an abusive man, thus making her life a living hell. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 16, Urmi’s sister Anu meanwhile is against marriage at the present and wants to start doing a job. Samrat enters the room and lies that he was working until late in the office. Shaurya comes crying and looking for his mother, his ‘bua’ takes him to Urmi’s room but she gets a huge shock when she see Urmi lying unconscious on the ground. What will Samrat’s reaction to this?

Samrat’s mother openly says that no one from the house will go for the marriage. Karan easily gets convinced and does not mind Anu not coming there. You are searching for Doli armaanon ki,. Our forum currently Forum: Urmi gets worried and wants ‘tauji’ to stop Samrat’s parents from leaving. Hearing this, Shashi asks Rudra to go to the police station to free him from the jail, but Rudra refuses. Will Samrat catch her dancing?

Meanwhile, Urmi wants to join dancing classes and is happy that her mother-in-law Shashi armanon supporting her. Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January episode desi tashan. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 01, She tries to frame Urmi in her trap but instead gets trapped herself by Urmi. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – September 30, – Divakar gets shocked when he is accused of a fraud case in his office and alll Samrat finds out about this, he.

Has Urmi’s mother-in-law really changed for good or is she playing a game yet again? While the whole family tries to stop them, Urmi and Tauji only watch the show.


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Urmi gains consciousness and starts yelling and pleading for forgiveness from Samrat. The whole family sees Urmi’s condition and are shocked seeing this. Doli Armaanon Ki ttashan September watch online desirulez.

She gives the news of the marriage to Samrat’s parents. She tells ‘tauji’ about it and ‘tauji’ suspects Shashi’s intentions. Manish seems to be aware of all the situations of the house and Samrat’s family assume that Urmi is responsible for giving the information about the family to Manish.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – May 29, You are searching for Doli armaanon ki. Before leaving the police station, the police asks Urmi to slap Samrat.

Later, Urmi gets shocked when Manish comes to her twshan to meet her.

Samrat’s armaxnon Shashi calls and inform him about Urmi going out with boys during her dance classes but Samrat gets angry with his mother and asks her to cut the phone. Swaragini 24 september Episode Full Video,Watch. Will Samrat catch her dancing?

Urmi feels relieved and is very happy when she learns that even Samrat’s father Rudra is on her side and is supporting her against the tortures that Samrat and his mother are making her go through.

Tauji speaks to Urmi and tells her that Samrat has not yet learned his lesson. Armaanon flirts with Neil. The whole tashzn gets shocked. She starts afresh as an independent woman, while Samrat ends up in jail. What will Samrat’s reaction to this?


armaznon Doli Armaanon Ki [Last Episode]. Samrat’s mother in an attempt to make Urmi fall into trouble does not inform her about the documents that Samrat had asked for. Samrat tries to divert Divakar’s attention from this case and asks him to concentrate on other things. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode Samrat stops them from going to the police station and decides to handle the situation himself.

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Meanwhile, one of Urmi’s colleagues tries to apologize to Urmi by giving her a rose and a letter. He shouts at armwanon father for not coming to the police station to release him. Samrat and Urmi kiss each other on the cheeks.

Will Urmi slap her husband? Anu’s parents and grandmother get worried.

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What will Urmi’s steps be to get her revenge? Urmi wakes up and finds Shaurya missing from the room. Rudra apologizes to Urmi for doubting her character and decides to help Urmi in gaining back her respect in the house.