It was starting to be at least one per week missing, and some were never added later, like this one was. We are getting somewhere!!! Sanaya then says she will go and do puja with Ishaan as Urmi must have done it. He says he thought he would keep Urmi happy after marriage, but Urmi is not happy. When diwaker comes out, he vents out his frustration at him. Page 1 of 1. And what does it matter if she does puja or Urmi?

Page 1 of 1. She imagines her and Ishaan doing puja happily. AmandaS 14th Mar – A password will be e-mailed to you. Ishaan talks with guests. He says that they have invited gaurav and asha, and if urmi had gone, their holi would have been incomplete.

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Even though they are friends ,Urmi is married to Ishaan and at least she should have discussed it with her before doing the walk around the fire with Ishaan. Before Ishaan could answer, Armano comes in and tells Urmi to give coffee to Anirudh. Ishaan meets Gaurav at a cafe. By Rimjhim Last updated Mar 14, He gets furious at being reminded of the incident, when he remembers his confession of infidelity to ishaan.

You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. Urmi has nothing to say. He says he thought he would keep Urmi happy after marriage, but Urmi is not happy.


All the crowd including urmi turns to look at him. Sign in Recover your password. Welcome, Login to your account.

In the garage, as urmi gets food and shawl for trisha, she tells urmi that she has taken an unnecessary risk, by getting her here insistently, as if samrat gets to know of this, he would create a ruckus. Page 1 of 1. Urmi gets angry and tells her enough. Livina 13th Mar – 8: She says she was excited to see Holi, so came with Ishaan.

Urmi gives coffee to Anirudh. The next morning, trisha sneaks out stealthily from the garage and leaves. She says that he too doesnt need to be armaqno rude. When diwaker comes out, he vents out his frustration at him.

Sanaya says that Urmi only said there is no relationship like husband and wife between them. He is sure their problems will sort out in Holi. Sign in Recover your password. He turns around shocked that she brought it up after such a long time.

Damini you are so disgusting in the sight of a human being. He says he came to talk about Urmi. Damini is pleased seeing Ishaan and Sanaya together.

Doli Armaanon Ki 12th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She is shocked, wondering why samrat lied to her. There is a difference between friends and husband and wife.

Urmi finds that its her cheeks are smeared by colour from behind, by someone. Welcome, Login to your account.


He tells urmit o take her, so that mandira might just silence. What an awesome precap! Are you officially doing updates now?

This is her first Holi with Ishaan kki thought to do puja with Ishaan. This is becoming more interesting,i wish Sam wil pay so dearly for his infidelity. She tries to tell her the truth, but urmi gets tensed when trisha asks her to find out herself from the net. Log In Welcome, Login admaano your account. Urmi says she tried a lot. As she hesitatingly speaks, Urmi surprises samrat when she asks writteh what had gone wrong with ishaan in Goa.

Sandhya asks her if she did this or destiny did. Thank you Niki for the update. AmandaS 14th Mar – But samrat doesnt let her help diwaker, and diwaker too says that its okay, and samrat leaves with urmi in a huff. Samrat tells urmi that he shall promise another one now that from now every colour of hers shall be colourless, and throws a dash of colours at her, while she is taken off guard and lashes at him angrily.