Stellar tearing, plucking, yanking, ripping and pulling skills required. Revisit of jobs related to past Presidents of the United States: Working at “transfer station” at San Francisco dump, exotic species gray wolf , cougar , pot-bellied pig , deer , bearcat , turkey , royal Tibetan yak , camel , cow , goat sanctuary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heads, feet and all giblets, including gizzard, liver and heart, are removed. Add the first question. Breeding and training Alaskan Huskies as sled dogs with Martin Buser ; revisit of dirty jobs in Alaska: Full Cast and Crew.

Wind turbine generator technician, garbage removal from sinkhole , printing press operator. Rowe resolutely keeps his chin up while performing the sometimes unpleasant tasks, whether he’s knee-deep in bat guano, crawling through sewer pipes or moldi moreā€¦ Host Mike Rowe takes on unusual and occasionally unsavory occupations, bringing humor to the down-and-dirty proceedings that find him in tight spots, smelly conditions and unsanitary circumstances. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Removing eastern brown snakes from residences in Adelaide , capturing cane toads with Graeme Sawyer , former Lord Mayor of the City of Darwin. Revisit and additional footage of dirty conversations hosted at the home of Bob Comes “Pig Farmer”: Malibu Bay preservation – dam demolition, pipe organ specialist, geoduck farmer. Heads, feet and all giblets, including gizzard, liver and heart, are removed. Revisit of jobs that are “eco-friendly”:

This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Coke manufacturing, oyster shucker, Rose Parade float dismantler.

Goose Down Plucker

If you have related experience preparing the Thanksgiving Day turkey — gutting, stuffing and sewing — you’ll quickly excel and rise the plucker ranks. Start your epksode trial.

Revisit of jobs involving tight spaces: The Curse of Oak Island 2. The Dirty Jobs crew take a Royal Caribbean cruise and reflect on their dirtiest episodes while being pampered aboard the ship. It’s also strongly suggested that applicants relinquish fond childhood associations or memories of Mother Goose.


Keeping trains on track gandy dancercracklin and boudin sausage maker, cleaning animal skulls with Skulls Unlimited [4] for display in educational facilities around the world.

Revisit of jobs related to family with Mike visiting his parents: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Making a home energy efficient by improving insulation, turkey artificial insemination, viewer mail – car crusher.

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Managing Myriophyllum spicatuma non-indigenous invasive speciesand collecting seeds for the Millennium Seed Bank Project at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Mining opal and maintaining the local golf course in Coober Pedy. Suet bird food maker, spider collector and venom extractor. Mike takes the day off to get a physical examinationleaving Executive Producers Eddie Barbini and Craig Piligian to host the show: Breeding walleye for recreational fishing, animal acupuncture [13].

The employee must carefully render wingless carcasses through the picking machine, which may require several attempts for each carcass.

Geese and ducks are blessed with thick coats of plush feathers, most of which are firmly rooted in their skins. Stamford hurricane barrier zinc anode changer U. After plucking is accomplished, employee is responsible for taking birds to an evisceration table where he or she thoroughly guts and disembowels the birds’ bodies.

Capturing saltwater crocodiles to study their diet with researchers from Crocodylus Park. Season 5, Episode 4 Goose Down Plucker.

Zoo keeper San Francisco Zoocheese maker[2] volcanic ash mud bath mixer. Cleaning barbecue smokerlarge animal veterinarianremoving underground fuel oil storage tank. Leech trapping, making raw meat dog food out of green tripe.


Season 5 Episode 4

A Star Is Born 7. Full Cast and Crew. Catching feral chickens, viewer mail: Other responsibilities include stuffing down and sewing it shut in bags. Retrieved from ” https: Stuffing and sewing skills strongly preferred. Harder”and cow hoof trimmer “Hoof Cleaner” with appearances by airport incinerator operator “Cave Digger”reptile handlers “Snake Wrangler”candymakers “Fuel Tank Cleaner”and wine cave digger “Cave Digger”. Harvesting hops plucekr, making vellum from goat skin.

Edit Details Release Date: New Orleans post- Katrina jobs: The smaller down feathers found on the birds’ bodies are removed by a machine that uses a series of rubber fingers. Wind turbine generator technician, garbage removal from sinkholeprinting press operator. Pet groomer, micro-algae man, charcoal maker lump charcoal factory. Revisit of dirty innovators and entrepreneurs: Marble pludker, owl vomit collector, cattle rancher cow breeding. Edit Storyline Mike heads to Meridian, California to find out what it takes to harvest walnuts.

Artificial reef maker, goat milk soap maker, [6] frac tank refurbisher.

Dirty jobs in New York City: Making a fire pitcountertopsand bath tub out of decorative concrete ; viewer mail: Surveying salmon spawning episore Feather RiverCalifornia Department of Water Resourcesviewer mail concerning income of the Lake Erie water snake researcher “Snake Researcher”manufacturing CowPots a type of flower pot made from cow manure.

Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! Twins Carolyn and Marilyn Maedel with additional footage at crawfish processing plant “Shrimper”University of Georgia termite researcher. Revisit of jobs related to the holidays: