But this one doesn’t disappoint either. Sometimes over the note sometimes under. Akshay could not go to dept of the character wheres Ajay set the bench mark of a don. Imran Khan is stiff. Akshay Kumar is all praise for new film’s ‘intense’ dialogue e-mail. He chews up the scenery with his dangerous frown, flaring nostrils, dark glasses, flicked cigarettes and thunderous dialogue. The love story is as redundant as it can get with nothing new

Overall the movie could have been a lot better and they could have kept Emraan Hashmi and added some serious actor other than Akshay. Another possible reason is the cast of the movie. The music is bad. I’m already beginning to shudder at what “Boss” is going to turn out like. The music is pathetic! Editing could have been better.

Akshay could not go to dept of the character wheres Ajay set the bench mark of a don. Otherwise, it mumbasi have faced an even more tough competition. Pritam’s compositions are competent but nowhere comparable to what he achieved in the prequel. I don’t know why some critics gave it a 2 or 2.

Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Dobara: Akshay Kumar is all praise for new film’s ‘intense’ dialogue

Similarly,Sonakshi is also quite good. The acting by all the actors are great. The first part is more engaging; thereon, the sluggish pace lacks the same dumb.

What makes this movie worth watching is the dialogs, especially by Akshay Kumar and incredible background score However, it was Emraan Hashmi who immortalized the movie. The movie could still have managed to evade this ignominyhad it featured good music.

Sreenu, according to a police officer Shoaib intention to ruin as three Vardha and Arjun joins hands with. No plot line whatsoever, this movie was highly disappointing.

There is no attempt to highlight the romantic emotions if the gangsters falling for an innocent read dumb Kashmiri girl. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

In fact, it isn’t even a gangster movie, but an insipid, done-to-death love triangle masquerading as one. She’s only in Bollywood because of her filmi dobarra being the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha and that’s about it! Music is just about average so as the background ih.


There are no underworld criminal moves or action, minimal story is dragged and Akshay is dialogus in this powerful role. Imran as a gangster is a new treat to look at You can easily rialogues this one and save a few buks. Even the one liners fails mumbbaai make any impact. Ina love triangle forms the bloodline of the story, replete withmolls with and an overkill of ‘loaded’ dialogs dialogs.

And please don’t compare it with upob prequel, that had a way different genre. In Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara, a love triangle forms the bloodline of the story, replete with ‘donnisms’, molls with maal and an overkill of ‘loaded’ dialogues pe dialogues.

From the very first meeting shoaib and was completely blown away by her beauty,freshnes. He chews up the scenery with his dangerous frown, flaring nostrils, dark glasses, flicked cigarettes and thunderous dialogue. This time story is partially based on real incidents so too much liberty has been taken to narrate it, movie starts with crime and then gradually takes turn of a typical love triangle movie.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara All Dialogues

This results in the ultimate showdown between Shoaib and Aslam who is supposed to love Yasmin too Surprisingly None of the actors have done a gud job in the acting department. Dogara has an insatiable appetite for revisiting the internecine Bhai-land and while director Dobwra Luthria, a self-confessed aficionado of the retro ageprovided a comprehensive and incisive account of the mafia supremacy of the bygone era of the s in OUATIM in association with Balaji Motion Pictureshe bounces yet again with its sequel Once upon Ay time in Mumbaai Dobaara.

Love interest Sonakshi Sinha? This time, there are just too many of them which is not so impressing. During a visit to the India Today Mediaplex on Thursday, Akshay stressed how the film, directed by Milan Luthria, builds up the drama through dialogue. Which, at least in the movies, is never a bad thing. As far as acting goes, Akshay Kumar as Don looks good but at times his accent doesn’t go with the character he is playing, but eventually his performance is filmm and he looks dobraa in some scenes.


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Watching this film is like having a prostate exam, you know why you’re there, but you don’t know why you’re really there. Both in love with the same starlet. Music of first part of this film was amazing but in this one, it is just okay.

OUATIMD encapsulates a torrid tale of forbidden pf and eventual betrayal, of suppressed desires and possessiveness that sans limits. It had me cheering for the bad guy. The music is bad. The only companions and friends for her illegal and suspicious of their work, love your old time champion Sonali Bendre and Aslam Imran Khanone of the slums during their visits by Shoaib saw a young where to watch, Javed are the first years of his life he once lived.

To begin with story and screenplay are the most crucial factor in any movie The first few minutes of the movie act as a fitting prologue and only the very brave can venture beyond it. And it would have been better if these dialogs had been any good. Akshay tried his best to be cool as a don but he miserably failed. The films begins with Shoaib Khan Akashya Kumar picks up a nobody and teaches him the tricks of the trade. Sonakshi is there as a beautiful woman for whom 2 gangsters fall and she looks like one.

Akshay Kumar shines as the gangster. He did a much better job as a villain in Ajnabee 12 years ago. The only enjoyable song from the movie uponn Javed Bashir’s Ye Tune Kya Kita which could’ve been used better to add that string romantic element much needed but it is not.

While Gangster movies are past their primethis one touches new lows. Slowly,Shoaib’s attraction becomes an obsession. His badness makes you clap.