Thanks for reading, friendly ghosts… and, as always, thanks for listening! You may never know the peace it brought me to see the name Kurt Hanson and then to google and see that he had an obituary, friends, a myspace page, people who loved him enough to share their food, their lives, their precious talents. I did not know him in the least. I decided to add horn parts next, which I knew would be controversial within the band. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Tune in next Wednesday for the 2nd installment of the Detholz! He holds the distinction of being the worst the best? I work in the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton and saw the police on April 10th at the tracks from my window. I suppose I could be accused of relying too much on the accompaniment to carry the form, but if one limits the amount of notes in a chorus, it lends a song a more anthemic quality cf. I got this idea from Wilco when Detholz! He talked AT me for hours, sometimes. If a total stranger grieved, if Jesus grieves, I cannot ever imagine how you all have grieved who knew and loved Kurt. This site uses cookies.

Six people were killed and many more went missing.

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What I dislike with the horns is replacing crazy synth parts for crazy horn parts. Castt also have suffered with major depression for 20 years. And, the line that closes the song:. I directly attempted to copy that technique here. Everyone deserves better, whatever their circumstances. Musically, the arrangement started with the opening bass line.


Make a sound

Expecting the call from Bill Kurtis any minute now. When he had a mind to share some of these, he was a brilliant and engaging conversationalist with a pentrating intellect, and a large measure of spiritual wisdom.

Kurt was a Wheaton townie, but he spent a lot of time at the college since a lot of his friends were there. We dedicated this song to him from the stage. The rest of the Detholz! The horns also strike me as more chaotic-sounding, which I prefer. Employee Primer original demo.

Should Catherine stay…or GO? There is insanity in all the answers. Welcome, weary traveler… July 24, …to the Detholz! A dramatic change in feel between verse and chorus!

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All of us have been trapped in a Best Buy at eetholz point or other… So. As it turned out, Detholz! I knew there was more to the story and this was a real person with real family and a real spirit. I searched online since then to see if there was a name to go with this man or a memorial service or something tangible to know of his life, having only been there at his death.

These two albums are indelibly linked. It was good to hear your words and help fill in some of the blanks about Kurt. As many of you know, Detholz! And, the line that closes the song: Doerfer, who spent his childhood in the jungles of South America with his missionary parents, agrees: I strangely enough also have a brother named Eric.


By caast to use this website, you agree to their use. The USA Today article published at the time of his arrest is also available online here. This verse refers to the idealism and zeal of detjolz early career as compared to her gaudy days at PTL: Not your average serious mess, either.

It has been said many times in the wake of his death that there was no one on the planet quite like Kurt. Mp3 Blog… Collect them all!

Jonny brings up an excellent rule of thumb: See complete lyrics below:. A great device to unify a number of songs or movements, incidentally, is use of the same intervallic material.

She made it her business to forgive and build bridges. In his case, the Band and Ugly things in his life— his illness, his depression, his pain— informed a lot of the Good things — his insight, his considerable sense of humor, his consideration of others, gentle spirit, etc.

I think these motives would do better with the plastic touch of the synth. Bring out a hot iron! This song is about the sad case of American traitor, Robert Hanssen, an FBI employee who sold secrets to the Soviets for over 15 years. Photography by Miriam Doan. From the original press release for Cast Out Devils: