Season 2, Episode 12 December 7, Biffy pretends to set up a date after school for Chopper in exchange for some information, some photos of a teacher’s weight fluctuations further convincing them of the cloning. While at home and after watching incredibly large amounts of footage Holger discovers that the only person to have bought a bag like Lee’s was none other than Camillio. Lee feels jealous of Brad kissing Tina and tells Biffy to try harder at cracking Radcircle’s phone. The episode ends with Lynch, free from the Reaper Mats, controlling the submarine to get back to Coral Grove so Finnwich can see Lee, and reveals to them that Lee’s real non-clone mother is also there. Disguised as the lead character “Alexander Nigma” Lee arrives on scene and is inadvertently indocturned into the play as the lead character.

After they all meet up, Tina and Jenny study the book with the device, and Lee, Biffy and Holger proceed to find Finnwich. Kimmie will only accept Biffy’s apology if he sings it while kneeling before her and being recorded. Biffy, in detention, begins working on a way to bypass the room’s method of blocking phones. The Outcasts to get a whisker from the red tazelwurm to cure their “curse” being unpopular to the other students , as Lee and his friends help them. Cam and Brandy are called to Room B, which has never been used as a classroom but as the janitor’s closet. Lee and Cam try to find the Amazing Finnwich at an amusement park. Grayson tells Cam he cannot find a fingerprint match and all but Cam and Cyrus had quit what they love. Tina, who reveals that she has fallen in love with Lee, comes to rescue Lee and tells her everything that has happened.

Meanwhile, Lee and the gang plan to break out of the cell when dinner is brought to the cell. After waking up to find Langhorne gone, they cover their mouths, lie on the bed and find themselves in a chamber with sleeping teachers in pods. Lee discovers that a “Down with Lee Club” has formed at A. Just when they turn the keys, the scene cuts out, “To be continued”. He does, however, tell Radcircles that he knows that he’s Camillio, who only begins laughing maniacally.


Unfortunately Lee’s mother learns from watching the news that Detentionaird was at the party against her strict demands of grounding, getting him into even seaaon trouble.

The Serpent sets up a lice outbreak at the school by putting a infected helmet lice on Jenny. The episode ends with Lynch, free from the Reaper Mats, controlling the submarine to get back to Coral Grove so Finnwich can see Lee, and reveals to them that Lee’s real non-clone mother is also there.

Holger is put in charge of his class, which happens to be where Chaz’s Corner is being held.

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He then notices Lynch’s computer, detentionalre he finds a video with Radcircles in it. When he gets home, Lee ignores Radcircle’s conversation and wants to know if Barrage is working for Radcircles or is Radcircles. There they find the teachers’ statistics, and that Sue, Lee’s mother, is a clone. Add to Watchlist Added.


At school, Barrage offers a free ‘A-‘ if a student captures the Tazelwurm. A Star Is Born 7. He finds a “Save the Rainforests Dance” poster and a strange machine that plugs into pictures of all the school students.

This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat The Tazelwurm gives Lee a folder containing all the information about the Prank.

Lee points out that Blompkins can’t detain him as he is no longer a student. When Lee sees Lynch, he reveals that he is actually the president of Green Apple Splat, Leopald Webber, and sason had surgery to appear younger but forwent the hair transplant. Lee deduces that the pyramid can only be opened during an eclipse.

Tina’s younger and for some reason, smarter sister Ruby turns herself in because she was behind the prank. The key is gone but his house smells of rotten eggs and Lee finds a male council member, different from the previous one, with his key. After discovering Barrage being carried into a tunnel, Lee finds himself separated from Biffy and Holger and trapped by The Serpent, who challenges him to a defentionaire Lee and the gang sneak into the submarine by letting Cam distract the Hazmats, but accidentally breaks his phone when Brandy calls him, and the submarine takes off.


Lee arrives at the hospital and helps Holger, and Biffy finally breaks the code to the lounge.

Inside said locker Lee finds his original bag from the day one prank. Realizing that the scab could be gone by tomorrow Lee sneaks out of detention again and tries out for the football team so that he deason check the players for scabs. Tina and Jenny go to Brandy’s and find the brochure.

Tina finds that Cassandra was talking about an actual fence around the school than the fencing team. She asks Tina to come and bring Lee, who is helping the family with the house. Meanwhile, Cam and Cyrus, a DOD member, are blackmailed into singing a duet together to prevent further threats, otherwise the blackmailer will tell Barrage that they both tried to cheat.

During the day, Cam has flashbacks of himself being bullied in the past. Brandy has trouble with the vote as the other two Glamazons are too dim and afraid of Kimmie to be persuaded to vote against her. There they find Barrage’s old computer but it is broken during a chase, the hard-drive is salvaged.