Sie teilen sich ein Atelier an der Place St. But who said that water is best? Presented in two parts, the first exploring the macro; the nature of physicality and formation on a celestial level, with the latter concerning the micro; the world unseen, thriving with lifeforms, continuously expanding and in complete symbiosis. For the first time, a young poet decides to present his work at a poetry reading, subjecting it to the judgment of his peers. Doch eines verbindet sie: However, Suzie’s final breakup advice brings out unexpected truths among these four friends. Dies ist kein Ort, an dem man frei sprechen kann. Heinz now has to show himself from his best side.

Die Filmemacher scannten mehr als eine halbe Million 35mm-Farbfilmnegative. Eine schnelle Abfolge von Fotografien. Humans strive to create the ideal society, killing many on the way. Marked by a history of racism and segregation, people of Newark are heavily policed on a daily basis. Voices of fictional characters: Ein kleiner Kinofan aus der kirgisischen Provinz sieht sich mit unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeiten konfrontiert.

From the outside, one can hypnotseur the hammer blow of a construction worker hitting a metal surface on a prefabricated building. But miscommunication is always lurking around the corner, ultimately defying language altogether. On June 23rd, Britain voted to leave the European Union. When Andi discovers a card of a Dutch porn star in their bedroom, he needs a telephone to watch it.

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Since then we went dr distant ways. In this film, three siblings from Newark have to find a way to spend time together in the absence of their mother who is away working three long shifts. It occurs in the distant future among the ruins of a planetary catastrophe, revealing the abuses of history and technology.


A curious fox cub explores the forest and its inhabitants.

Jongkwan Paik processes footage of historical demonstrations in South Korea. They walk through the forest, wade the river and build a fire. By using music he helps him to walk and see. Ricky und Gretchen versuchen, zusammen alt zu werden, leben dabei aber auf einem schmalen Grat zwischen Liebe und Hass.

Abstraction is used to explore cultural identity. In “Concrete Dust” a web of static moments in an undefined post-soviet landscape is put together. Wembley Lions UK in an anaglyph 3D film. As the world’s dozing off, two boiling hearts engage on a sexual journey along the moonlit shores. Sie spielt in einer ferner Zukunft nach einer planetaren Katastrophe und deckt den Missbrauch von Geschichte und Technologie auf.

Two universes encountering one another. Sie laufen durch den Wald, waten durch den Fluss und machen ein Feuer.

A generation facing growth in tension with the future. Things started to change and it was not clear if the transformation was a symptom of the disease or a way to escape it. The continuity of the viewpoint dr the analogy of mistakes: Almost all these have since been closed or renovated. Das Entsetzen verbirgt sich in der Tiefe des Herzens. The violence appears to have no consequences, the hypnoitseur bodies being as rubbery and invulnerable as those in the TV Westerns that inspired the film.

He is so obsessed with it, he doesn’t notice his brother has chosen this day to say goodbye to him.

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The individual settings are determined by the state of rigidity and stagnation. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. On Thursday, January 14th, the weather in Helsinki was mild, only minus two degrees Celsius.


A way out, a way out? Ein neugieriges Fuchsjunges untersucht den Wald und seine Bewohner. For one year we look through the eyes of the distant observer. Life is simply a scandal. In einem blauen Flur warten zwei Patienten.

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Dennoch sind sie neugierig geworden und als sie von einem bevorstehenden Auftritt der Svengali in Filk erfahren, lassen sie sich diese Gelegenheit nicht entgehen. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Es ist ihr letztes Lied.

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I suggested to make a film together. Pastel colours, dusty surfaces and folkloric artifacts define the pictures. They start to chat and learn a lot about themselves – and about life. In the treatment room opposite, a woman sits with a shaman, a red thread braided around her hands. Der Film macht sichtbar, wie die Politik die Kunst beeinflusst, und die Kunst Propagandakunst wiederum die Geschichte umschreibt.

Svengali ist ein wahrer Hexenmeisterder aus Trilby eine ebenso willen- wie ahnungslose Marionette geschaffen hat, die unter seinem Einfluss alles tut, was er will. Man musste sehr genau hinsehen, um die Spuren der Vergangenheit zu sehen.