But you have to salute de Leon for not allowing himself to be completely overshadowed by the central character played by Vilma and the other elements in the story. In the process, Amanda herself is transformed. For the Philippines, the seventies was more than just a period of shaggy hair, bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes, and disco music. There are touches of seventies style Filipino humor that foreign audiences might miss; they effectively establish that this is a real, average Filipino family trying to navigate through the eye of the political storm. Dekada ’70” is simply powerful. She tells him that she is busy and despite the number of times her husband tells her to come up she ignores him. Jules grew up to become a member of the communist New People’s Army. Sa kawalan ng pagkakakilanlan sa salarin, walang silang nagawa kundi ang tumangis sa kawalan ng hustisya.

Sinigawan niya si Julian na takang-taka sa inasal niya. Split and merge into it. And we see her slowly changing before our very eyes, gradually overcoming her reticence, discovering her true worth, and finally finding and expressing her true self. Dekada 70 sa panahon ni Marcos? Their oldest son is influenced by communism at his university. Ruins of the Marcos bust flashed to my mind.

Dekada 70 was like cooking paella. Inas a young Gani was fighting with his friend while they were playing a game in the settinv, their mothers came by to stop the fighting and made them stay away from each other. Among the typical films that have been sprouting in this generation Dekada ’70 left its mark.

In a phase of apathy and hopelessness, movies like Dekada ’70 reminds us that all is not lost for the Philippines is always worth fighting for.

Ang pagkahilig ni Jules sa mga awiting nagsasaag movje pagkamakabayan ay nagtulak eetting upang sumapi sa mga kilusang laban sa katiwalian ng gobyerno. She then wonders at how her husband would react should she be the one in the mood for coitus.

As long as the father provides financially for the family and teaches his boys sports and about sex then he is already a good father. He also survived from torture but instead he was electrified and made to sleep on and ice box while in front of an electric fan while naked. But Vilma after all these decades can do no wrong deoada in the field of acting. While Emmanuel was studious and hardworking, Jason was a typical teenager.


How can my son raise his GPA? The problem lies moovie the person has read the novel; in the novel, the focus is on Amanda Bartolome Vilma Santos.

Summarry of dekada 70?

In the novel while Amanda is doing the laundry her husband calls to settin and tells her to go inside. During that period, though not to much surprise, the perspective is tendentious to the repressed mother, whom all of her children find to be the voice of reason and understanding, as much as their father tries to play it cool.

In the streets of Manila, protests take place when the Philippines enters the Vietnam War. Julian, her husband, supports his eldest son’s efforts to rail against the government while simultaneously refusing to condone Amanda’s wish to find a job.

Philippines – Best Foreign Language Film. Nasampal ni Amanda si Jules.

A quintessential, though rather stereotypical, look at a Filipino family living in the s: In fact, the brutal effects of a mofie that turned to martial law are clearly shown in this movieā€”as it affects a family. Unfortunately, it was already late when they realized that Domeng was an operative of the government delada this time and that the friendship was all a front. While Danilo Barrios plays a memorable character who carries the sunshine among the family with his bubbly humor and amusing innocence.

Sign in to vote. This is the story of an incredible character that survived an unforgettable decade. A large number of protesters started to demonstrate outside and they began to sing the Philippine National Anthem, ” Lupang Hinirang “, with raised clenched settingg. The politically-charged scenes are strident enough to be visually disturbing, yet tempered enough to work on a more psychological level. Another one joins the U. It was such a waste of talent. People who like based-on-history films should really watch this one.


What struck me most was that I realized I was not only looking at the past seting also at the present state of human rights in the country.

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Every story has to have a setting, whether it be a blank void, a dream state, or another world. Gani, however, quickly became the goat of the family because he had made the simplest mistake of getting a girl, his girlfriend Evelyn, pregnant. Most of the time she felt out of place when her family conversed because she was the only woman in her family. Natuklasan niyang may magagawa at maiaambag pa siya sa mundong ito.

The scenes were quite realistic unlike the usual low budget Philippine film, and the acting was superb none of the camera-conscious feeland as such it is one of the better made Philippine movies.

Would you like to merge this question into it? It was difficult for her to stay at home and wait for things to happen around her because she was a strong woman forced into a role of docility.

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The story tells about their life during the martial law in the Philippines during the s. Emmanuel went on stage to lead his fellow activists to sing the Lupang Hinirang. She asks in the mood for what and he ends up irritated with her.

Film has become the most powerful means of recreation; but, they can also be a means for education.

Pinoy Movies I’ve Seen. When monstrosities entailed by the turbulent times would prove otherwise, she would come to realize that to be a dutiful wife and loving mother means nothing amidst the social landscape without the wheels of justice, suffused with the spilt blood of oppression and severely debilitated by rampant poverty.