The Jerky Boys are Pranking Fools. The toy line from this film was great as well. The Bad thing about the Cartoon is Duke was the Leader of the Joes when it was really Hawk, they both could have co-existed in the Cartoon earlier. Many other file sharing sites have shut down the sharing part of their services voluntarily in a hurry to prevent any trouble. The Idea of Heaven and Hell. And say come back shane. Sorry about the inconvenience, but this most certainly was out of my control and actually cost me a good few bob too, so don’t give me any turds about this.

The Quality of this Episode was a lot better then the quality of the 1st one which I also found on You tube. Your IP changes unless you pay for a static address. They really are after us. I’m currently looking at 4shared. If none of that is any use to you, I can upload another version of the movie but I’ll only do it for this one movie, since this is really hard to get took me ages to find a good version of it. I just was able to find it to watch it Online again. I just saw a couple clips of it on you tube.

Either way – I’m baaaack!!!

Also kinda handy to have ’em all in one post. If they do make another film Serpentor needs to somehow surface or how about Kwinn the Eskimo and Dr.

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Your IP is being tracked on those public trackers http: And say come back shane. No promises, since I don’t have a MAC and haven’t got a clue about them really, but sounds like your best bet and it’s free, methinks.

mvoie It has a lot of action and many interesting scenes. It stands the test of Time. Can’t upload 2 versions of every movie, like. I liked its Bravado. It had its comedy at times too especially the sunglasses which reminded me of Elvis Definitely a movie worth seeing again.


Who gets a call from feath Ex and flys out West to get to the Bottom of some Trouble she feels a member of her family is in. You mean the stainless steel ones? I finished watching the Macross saga before watching it.

A great whack comedy Jeff Anderson as Randal and Jason Mewes as Jay are classic Definitely deserves an academy award nomination for best comedy. Don’t have the moolah atm: No bother, will tubellus some more in the new year, if ye want. In some instances it reminds me of Walking Tall.

The Special effects blew me away. They’re on the list but I wanna stick with the and they’re over shekels. Will have a look at what I’ve got. But it is moviee a good movie I gave dull a 10 anyway. No problem getting and posting it. It probably led to Edward Mulhare getting the job on Knight Rider. For some reason with the 1st Movie there are multiple versions of the soundtrack one with Tender years and one without.

I just saw a couple clips of it on you tube. But it would have made more sense for Snake Eyes to not speak because he was injured in a Helicopter accident trying to save Scarlett, and that Snake Moviee and Storm Shadow were War Buddies. Audible Download Audio Books. I watched it time and time again movoe it would be on TV. Think the Barney Look alike should have gotten more time. These people have been in various TV shows and movies.

Will the series be reborn with the Fight against the Shadow Some things were definitely changed slightly from the New Generation final episode since the movies beginning intersects that ending.

Especially the flaming skull. Might be your best bet.

Definitely have to make another one a Ghostrider 2 with Ghostrider fighting the Vengeance Character. The Music in this film is better then the 1st if you are able to find the Soundtrack I would get it.


It was ahead of its time like so many other Sci Fi films from around that era before and after Star Wars a New Hope came out. So definitely see the Original Clerks before you see this one if you haven’t already. This movie should have been marketed better. I will re-upload all files in order of popularity so the most requested one’s will be available again first but will give priority to new movies that I hadn’t posted yet on filesonic.

People need to remember Special Effects in were not what they are today.

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Here’s the subs for rendition: Another solution would be if you run a windows emulator on a partition on your MAC. I have just aquired a new rapidshare account and will upload some new movies there and start posting again here in the next few days. It would be cool to have had a Megaforce Tubeplis. Filesonic has shat itself and basically closed down no more sharing after the megaupload issue last week in case you haven’t heard, megaupload was shut down by the FBI and it’s CEO was arrested in New Zealand.

Not sure, might be worth checking out. I’m currently looking at 4shared. I even liked the Deleted scenes they only showed in the regular Television version of the movie. Mlvie seems a lot of hassle doing entire series’ So to keep up appearances of me being a friendly chap: The toy line from this film was great as well. The Call to Duty http: