He yanks the arrow from his leg and angrily throws it at the ground. Sun Tzu yells in pain and strikes the halberd with the edge of his hand, breaking it at the head, astonishing Vlad. The land mine goes off and kills the Musketeer. Hatiko Follow Forum Posts: The Centurion falls in pain, then looks up. Jesse’s rifleman stops in a hallway and cocks the Winchester, shooting one of Capone’s two remaining men as he rounds the corner.

He hears the horn and makes his way toward the garage. The battle begins with members of a Viet Cong cell bringing in the beaten leader of the Nazi Waffen SS team as a prisoner. IRA rely on ambush and retreat. Relatively unharmed, Vlad pulls out the bolt and readies his hand cannon again, but Sun Tzu is nowhere to be seen. As it turns out, the clicking noise is coming from the Roman Centurion cranking the lever on his Scorpion Crossbow. It strikes his leg and forces him to the ground.

He raises his sword and prepares to finish him off, but the Rajput puts on his Katar and stabs the Centurion in the stomach. LoG-Sacrament This is so true. The Comanche goes in for a swing with the War Hawk, but the Mongol counters with a swing that hits the Native American in the back, sending him reeling.

Leather LamellarTurbanSteel Shield. Meanwhile, the head Pirate sees a car with cocaine and a bag of money. In a valley, the Mongol is sharpening his Ild sword. The head Pirate signals for him to run after the remaining Cartel members.

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The Comanche recovers and runs off into a cave while the Mongol runs back to his horse to retrieve his Flanged Mace and follows the Comanche into the cave. All of the “Data” seems to carry a heavy Bias depending on what weapons each team member felt was the best, not what would actually be better in a combat scenario.

The Mongol is saved by xwat lamellar breastplate however, as he angrily thrusts his glaive into the ground and pulls out the arrow. The Jaguar sets up another Tlacochtli and swqt it, missing the Zande Warrior again. True, GSG9 doesn’t get called very often, but they fight hardcore terrorists and trained gunmen.


He thrusts at the Immortal, knocking his spear out of his hand. The arrow lands a foot away from the Mongol, startling him. The Musketeer shot waerior the Pole Gun is assisted in getting back onto his feet, only to be shot in the head by another Ming Warrior’s Pole Gun.

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Gathering his senses, the Mongol sheaths his Ild and mounts his horse, while the Comanche thrusts his War Lance into the ground and slings his War Hawk on his back. The Celt hits the Sagaris out of the Persian Immortal’s hands and leaves him without a weapon. He opens it from the back, only to find it empty. The battle starts with an Aztec Jaguar and Zande Warrior each making their way waerior the top of rocky hills.

I still say the best match-up would’ve been SWAT vs. The battle begins in an American history museum in Chicago hosting an exhibit about Old West outlaws. The Rajput, however, pulls out his Khanda sword and slices the Javelin in two. wxrrior

The GSG 9 member on the roof sees this and shoots him with his sniper rifle. Meanwhile, Al Capone and three of his men drive up to the museum, alerting the James Warrior who have finished loading up their newly acquired revolvers.

It wouldn’t be able to penetrate all of that cloth and material to reach the skin. He hears the horn and makes his way toward the garage.

He prepares to swing at the Centurion, but the loss of the Dolabra’s head allows the Centurion to swing the broken handle fast enough to hit the Rajput and knock him over.

Agents and are shooting a film with a camera, while a nearby C.

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The Celt tries to swing the sword downward, but the Immortal flips the Spear over and hits him in the head with the iron counterweight on the bottom of the spear. I’m not sure how you could consider it propaganda for the IRA either:? Here’s the story on the ‘program. One, however, is slow and is struck in the leg. The Musketeer hears a yell and turns around, only to find the head Ming Warrior standing on a cliff above him and also armed with a Dao, swinging it wildly.


This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Wasn’t it IRA vs Taliban?

The other Cartel henchman continues to fire his M60, but it gets jammed. The rock hits the Persian charioteer and knocks him unconscious. Isn’t it some huge labor intensive program made by a game dev? Al goes episoed for a thrust, but Jesse hooks his hand with the stock of the revolver and stabs Capone at his arm.

Agent keeps a lookout with binoculars in a nearby van. IRA rely on deadilest and retreat. Vlad the Impaler Team: The real general then jumps down, disarming Deaeliest from his shield using the Zhua. Both squads emerge in different locations as the SEALs come up a flight of stairs near a turbine, while the Commandos weave dewdliest way through various machines. He struggles to free his weapon, but the Aztec Jaguar quickly reacts by slashing across the Zande’s hip with his Tecpatl knife. The Ming Warrior tries to attack the Musketeer, but is shoved aside.

Enraged, Capone then kicks James as he drops his stiletto, forcing Jesse to also drop his knife. Ceadliest turns James around and knocks him down with another punch. The Rajput pulls out his Aara sword and whips it around.

The collision throws the Celt off of his chariot and flips the chariot over. Up ahead, four Ming Warriors emerge from a cave on a cliff, waiting for the Musketeers. The Comanche rides ahead to set up another attack while the Mongol pulls out his bow and arrow. The Rajput pokes his head from behind a tree and spots the Centurion.