I want to re-read both this and the Century trilogy all over again. And what is fascinating for me is that while work stopped for, say, a century, different architectural styles were developing. Those of you who have read it know that the chapters are way long, chapter 5 is really around page The cathedral crossing, Old Sarum, and Stonehenge are reputed to be aligned on a ley line , although Clive L. Unlike other books I have read lately, once I pick it up, can’t put it down. Medieval England is a shitfest of misogyny, violence, accusations of witchcraft and, yes, rape.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Follett does a great job of portraying these world-encompassing conflicts from several sides and never loses sight of what it means to be human and live your day-to-day life in these circumstances. Archived from the original PDF on 2 February Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. There is so much written about the period between the death of Henry I through the civil wars between the Empress Matilda and King Stephen, to the time that Henry II ascended the throne including the martyrdom of Thomas a Beckett , that I don’t quite understand how he couldn’t have mined the chronicles for better material. And when I think about what I would have done if I lived in that time period Now how about that sequel? It was about pages too long.

You feel tears well up in your eyes at the thought of how insignificant your life, a single man’s life is in front of everything. It will, however, take years to complete, as the political and economic situation in Kingsbridge continues to evolve.

They were made redundant in as part of cost-cutting measures and replaced with “traffic managers”. This copy came to Salisbury because Elias of Derehamwho was present at Runnymede inwas given the task of distributing some of the original copies. At a later point, after writing those novels and studying follett cathedral architecture, Follet got to write his page novel centering around the British dispute of oathedraal crown between Queen Maude and King Stephen; these were the contestants who preceded Henry II, who is best known for his colorful History with Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lion Hearted and the gray King John.


The Pillars of the Earth

The violence was graphic, almost to the point kn being gratuitous, but then again everything about Follett’s writing was graphic. In short, it’s completely lacking in depth and that’s not even mentioning the contrived situations and the stiff dialogue, nor the unrealistic and horrid sex scenes. View all 16 comments.

Philip becomes a prior and the ruler of Kingsbridge. It’s a highly enjoyable read for people ffilm like history, and it’s got a lot of interesting characters doing interesting things although that stupid prior made me itch, what a maroon as Bugs Bunny used to say.

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The actual cathedral building bits were fascinating to me, though if I had to take a test on the jargon of cathedral creation I’d fail. Ken has been active in numerous literacy charities and was president of Dyslexia Action for ten years. A friend recommended this book.

Here Be Dragons does a much better job of storytelling the tumultuous middle kxthedraal. Follett takes the reader back to the 12th century, where Tom Builder is looking for work. And could someone please just get kill William Hamleigh before he rapes someone else?

Rib vault ceiling above clerestory windows. This book grabbed me from the opening pages and kept me interested and engaged throughout the entire novel a very rare feet for a page novel. I don’t think so. Can there possibly be anything left unsaid after pages? The details are marvelous and intricate. E foarte interesant sa aflii cum traiau atunci oameni, tot pachetul fpllett de atunci.


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The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge, #1) by Ken Follett

Phillip and Tom remain the central characters whose ideas prove to be stalwart themes throughout, but the reader is graced with the likes of Alfred and Jack, offspring literal and through marriage of Tom, who seek to continue the build for as long as it will take.

The cathedral is also the subject of William Golding ‘s novel The Spire which deals with the fictional Dean Jocelin who makes the building of the spire his life’s work. Although the spire is the cathedral’s most impressive feature, it has proved to be troublesome. Together with the tower, it added 6, tons 6, tonnes to the weight of the building.

The Pillars of the Earth (televisieserie)

Parting thoughts may contain spoilers: Jan 28, Tina rated it it was amazing. It was obvious that he had folleht extensive research on this topic and his descriptions did help me to appreciate what hard work it was for people to build such magnificent structures at that time in history.

Aug 28, DeLaina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kathwdraal is also Aliena, who sought to hold onto the earldom for her brother and whose business sense brought economic growth to the region. It’s a long, long, long kahtedraal. And just when you think things have settled down for a while, something else happens, or attempts to happen.

B Here’s where this book and I really parted ways: I realize it’s complex. I love a thick book