In many of her roles she gave the impression of modeling at a fashion show, head high, mouth very slightly open, eyes lost in the distance. Die schoene Luegnerin , Order FD ca. Her voice was dubbed by Lydia Simoneschi. Oh, he also has stolen an atomic bomb and he threatens to drop it somewhere in the USA if they don’t pay him one billion dollars. He stopped this as well in , when he retired altogether. Titten aus Stahl , Germany , directed by Fernando H.

Der Arzt von St. Lange Beine — lange Finger. Josefine Mutzenbacher – Wie sie wirklich war: Ewiger Rembrandt , , Order HF ca. Guenter” 24 March — 5 June aka “Bert F. Kolmerer , William James guest

Send comments regarding contents of this page to glvc indy. Signature by Lydia Potechina. Here, Guaita already acted under his stage name Ausonia. She was the elegant actress of the sixties with an aristocratic manner bordering on snobbery. Thais causes a noble friend and rival in love Leonidoff to commit suicide by racing with her horse towards an abyss. Her proud father, an amateur photographer, believed his daughter was destined for greater things than being a housewife and mother, and in he sent a photo of his year-old daughter in for the ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in the World’ contest organized by The Daily Mirror.

There would be three sequels: On all VHS clouseout prices we will send you a new or previously viewed tape. In her profile, Denberg stated that she had ambitions to become an actress.


Today we proudly present you in our irregular series The Choice of Marco der Unbezwingbare Order TP ca. She herself came up with Susan Denberg.

Rudolf Zehetgruber

Gordon Harker — was a popular English dartmoor actor who specialized in Cockney wirgshaus. His intensive acting and strong stage presence, for example as Romeomade the sensitive young actor a star. Spiegel des LebensOrder CH ca.

In AugustDepardieu was accused of assault and battery for punching a motorist in Paris. Mady Rahl appeared in more than film and television shows in a career spanning some 70 years. Falci, Milano, serie no. His parents were Romanian-Jewish immigrants. For Rush-Orders call He was the lead singer, with his older brother Alberto on bass and his younger brother Enrico on guitar.

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The picture is from famous photographer Henry B. A four-year contract quickly followed. Anneher daughter by Jean Murateartmoor the wife of actor Oskar Werner for 12 years until their divorce in Mein Herz darfst du nicht fragen Order KR ? TraumaWest Germanydirected by Gabi Kubach Original French film vanzer for Frankenstein Created Woman Under the Third Reich, Mady Rahl’s career continued to flourish.

Musik im BlutOrder IH ca. French postcard by Editions du Globe, Paris, no. Outside of acting, Ivy’s other passions were golf and motorcycling – unusual hobbies for a woman back then. Junge AdlerOrder IH ca. Titten aus StahlGermanydirected by Fernando H. The cross was probably added by a collector after she died.


Surprisingly, The Ring is Hitchcock’s one and only original screenplay. Italian postcard by Vettori, Bologna, no. Ginette Vincendeau writes in Encyclopedia of European Cinema: Feuer frei auf Frankie: Savoy HotelOrder HF ca. Depardieu himself wirshaus awarded for his performance wirtshuas a resistance fighter. Die schoene LuegnerinOrder FD ca. Entire Website copyrighted,, KolmererWilliam James guest They’re not merely exotic; they’re otherworldly – the atmospheric, moving and imaginative places I want movies to take me.

Italian model and actress Maria Frau was a very photogenic starlet of the European cinema of the s. It shows Bardot on the famous Grand Place of Brussels. Aennchen von TharauOrder KR ca. Fluechtlinge, Order IH daz.

She was also nominated for an Academy Award for best actress – the oldest actress ever to be so. After one more film by Molinari, Il principe di Kaytan Leonidoff withdrew from the cinema.

God Save Britannia Laurent Tirard, Justin Order FD ca. Aka Commandoes and Sullivan’s Maraudersthe movie is supposedly based on a short story by Menahem Golan!

Schwarz auf WeissOrder HF ca. The latter provoked controversy in the United Kingdom and the United States because wirtsbaus its graphic depictions of sado-masochism.