It sure looks it. But anyway — that ending. Whereas Shunji, I find incredibly realistic. Episode 12 by LollyPip. So while Kono argues that the public execution is a bad political move, Wada remains firm. He waves her away, indicating that she should run, and resumes his fighting stance. Kudos to Shunji for fighting for love instead of dominance and power.

He wants to reform. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Before he decides what to do there, the door starts to open and he ducks for cover, seeing Rie leaving with bodyguard in tow. I mean, we are talking about a man who has hated his father his whole life for breaking him when he was gentle and good, he did also respect and fear him. Episodes by odilettante. He’s so heartbreaking to watch, fighting alone when every Japanese police officer wanted to catch him, everyone loyal to Joseon expected him to continue on and win everytime, all the while questioning what he really is fighting for, is it worth it, is he making a difference. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. It’s always exciting to watch their confrontations.

He said it himself — no more young people must die for damsai. Googled it – Shin Myun, played by Song Jong-ho. Kang-to looks at Shunji with budding suspicion: Rie and Katsuyama stop the fugitives on the bridge, and after a brief halt in action, Kang-to leaps into the air. Kang-to barrels through and gets slashed on the arm to match the slice in his leg, but pushes Mok Dan toward freedom. I don’t want him to, of course. Maybe that was just a turning point for his character — not a romantic “I think I love her moment.

Shunji arrives at a hotel room, not noticing that his entry has been seen by Katsuyama. So I guess I buy that. From beginning to end, that was acting on his part. P July 31, at 7: If so, who will be the new leader of the rebellion — MokDan?

The count has been advised by the countess to think of their upward mobility, and to do what he episoed to secure himself a position of power.


How could someone of his rank order around the police director? When she calls him on his crap.

Sidu Sinhala Teledrama – Episode 107 – 03rd January 2017

But I think now, though, Shunji will have the strength and power to cut ties from his father. How does she handle this?! First he defies Kono, and now this?

Can we just add But more importantly, will he continue to use his power to protect MokDan or will he dameari MokDan has feelings for KangTo who he still doesn’t suspect is Gaksital after all this time? He sends her back into the room, leaving her captor waiting outside by saying he almost lost her. They sit there staring at each other, Mok Dan trying to take this in.

Not that it is a bad thing though: Because really, how well can you formulate a complex secret mission through head-nods and soulful stares? I may have watched him the most in the water battle So while Kono argues that the public execution is a bad political move, Wada remains firm.

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Not with eleven episodes left! Katsuyama enters with Mok Dan, who comes to groggily. I was wondering, Gaksital actually took off running after defeating the bad guys only a short while after MD ran off by herself.

Also, if anyone supports Damsari or Gaksital, they should be shot on the spot. He calls for his subordinate and orders Mok Dan cuffed.

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. He might as well drop out from Kishokai But he fears this is too much for him to do alone, and asks for information on where to meet his comrades. Too bad that’s not really working in Shunji’s favor — you can’t be hero, Shunji, by just promising to become a better person only IF the person you love belongs to you! Especially not with Lala in episide room with him, batting her eyelashes and pouting.


Please enter your username or email address. Shunji orders Damsari taken back to the police station, but Kang-to balks—standing orders are to transfer him to the prison. Rie wants the girl returned to her, because Shunji still has feelings for her. Shunji fucks with my epixode, but in a good way narratively speakingbecause I never quite know where he stands.

Kudos to Shunji for fighting for love instead of dominance and power. Sorry Gaksital, but those are the moments I wish you had something else to wear besides baggy jammies. Better in than out, I always say. Well, god and damn. But why is it that she had to wait for long for him to turn up later? It’s Wednesday and Gaksital is coming today! One episode a week is definitely torture especially when the plot is just getting thicker and thicker.

Then it brought him to the forest to meet MD. Moving her here, he says, is the only thing he could do to help her and her father.

I rather like that about fpisode, and it seems like we have plenty of time left in the drama to get her solidly on his side at some point which will be amazing! So he now can easily argue he had a perfectly good hostage situation going for him where Gaksital wpisode concerned and she messed it up.

Mok Dan sits cuffed in her room, and seizes a moment of distraction to knock down her captor and dart outside the room. Konno is not that bad sometimes Episodes by LollyPip. I really did try to admsari your father escape. But can they do more that maybe?