Episode 48 December This popular show is back again on Zee Bangla, with ‘Dada of all Dada’s’ Sourav comeback Ganguly at the helm like he was in the first season, hurling back to back bouncers, yorkers, googlies at the participants. Episode 40 November Episode 52 December Episode 65 January Episode 69 January Episode 78 February

Episode 42 November Episode 76 February Episode 3 August Episode 22 October Episode 60 January 8: At this young age, she is getting trained in classical music from Kaushiki

From beating the boot-clad Britishers barefooted, to the uninhibited shirtless celebration in the Mecca of cricket — Ben Episode 45 December 4: Sana Ganguly is indeed a worthy daughter of the Warrior Prince.

From beating the boot-clad Britishers barefooted, to the uninhibited shirtless celebration in the Mecca of cricket — Bengal’s ‘Dadagiri’ is there for decades! Episode 62 January October 1 Episode Episode 29 October Episode 28 October Episode 24 October An Exclusive Content of Souravganguly Episode 58 January 6: Episode 34 November Episode 41 November Episode 38 November Rangbaaz team Special Episode 25 October Episode 42 November Episode 47 December Episode 30 October Participants will get a Sourav Ganguly Autographed Ball.


Episode 4 September 2: Sourav Ganguly Inagurates “Sahanubhuti” for Episode 56 December Episode 61 January September 25 Episode Played a lot of cricket together for many years. Episode 52 December Episode 36 November September 17 Episode A Compilation which would make every fan Happy.

Episode 65 January Episode 3 August September 18 Episode Episode 8 September Episode 66 January It all started inwhen a word, used by hundreds of thousands of Bengalis, was given a whole new dimension.

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly talks about his eipsode of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who retired from international cricket af Episode 50 December Episode 71 February 4: Episode 49 December Episode 22 October Sourav Ganguly Sweating it out for yet another Com Episode 33 November 6: Episode 26 October Sourav Ganguly on Dadagiri 4, Rituparn Episode 78 February To trigger this latent aggression amongst the Bengalis, Zee Bangla came up with the platform ‘Dadagiri’ for the first time in — a clutter-breaking game show where mind and intelligence are the key ingredients for success.


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