Vicky and Nilesh give Rey the invitation card. He decides to be cheerful and support his friend. He tells her not to misunderstand him. They look good from far not in real. Gang and Rey are walking in the corridor. Sharon says Rey needs her. Sharon is an impulsive girl,her one wrong advice can be harmful for Rey. Boys think Swayam and Rey are heart broken and became a couple.

Rey says after talking to his Dad every issue seems small. They share an emotional moment and hug each other.. So he is helping Kriya but he is not friends with Kriya. Kriya gets worried about her injury and ISD visit. He has realized it after being close to her. They look good from far not in real. Swayam comes and watches him from outside.

Sharon is recalling her moments with Swayam and crying alone. Swayam says its not about them,its about Epiaode.

Inside the room Kriya asks the same to Sharon. Precap- Rey takes Kriya to his place to take care of her.

Like 0 Dislike 0. In RH Rey starts dancing to vent out all his pain. Sharon tells Kriya that Swayam is upset with her because she faked friendship with Kriya. Rey goes to RH. Swayam gets tensed and Rey asks about the card. His fight with Sharon ,their break up,her denial.


She says with time she started caring for KRiya genuinely. Kriya says she will take care but Rey tells her he will take care of her. Swayam says is he talking about Taani. Swayam says he cant understand girls logic. When dream got over,he got hurt. He nvoember the danec has damaged her leg. Swayam remains indifferent towards her.

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He decides to be cheerful and support his friend. Sharon says he wants to say she is wrong for Rey.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Swayam says Rey needs right advice at this moment. Swayam gives her phone.

Kriya requests him not to say anything to her aunty. Nurse tell them to go out and leave Kriya alone to take rest. Gang and Rey are walking in the corridor. She starts leaving the room. He recalls all his moments with Taani. Swayam says novemberr will try to console Rey and he says gang not to do anything.


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Welcome, Login to your account. He says Boys make mistakes ,men accept their mistakes. Swayam says he was staying in dream world. Swayam says in this situation she is wrong for Rey.

Swayam tries to stop him but he leaves the place. Rey says he can feel emptiness inside him.

She says everything is fine. Because of his sadness ,his friends did this to Kriya.

Swayam asks his if he will come for engagement. She supported her and she want them to be friends.

Swayam goes inside RH. Swayam scolds gang for telling him the truth. But both Swayam and Kriya wont trust her now.