She vowed never to have sex with him again, which is unfortunate. Elena learns to love Damon too, but more of like a friendly way. Sheriff Liz Forbes Olga Fonda New look and new layout New video play experience. Stephanie Flasher from TV After Dark gave an A rate to the episode and stated that it was amazing and filled with twists and turns. The brothers were born in the times of the civil war and both fell in love with a woman named Katherine.

Then came the hilarious realization: In TV Shows and Series. Her moment on the other side with ring-wearing Matt made me tear up — she finally got the hug she needed! Real Stefan was coming to again, so he could drown again. Bug fixes to improve performance. However, when Elena finds … him in the Season 2 premiere, he awakens but Stefan tells him the painkillers and blood cancelled each other out so his attempt to become a vampire failed. Written by KGF Vissers.

I found it to be under rehearsed.

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Usually they are almost exactly the same as the last series of ads I watched. Stefan Salvatore falls in love wit … h human girl, Elena Gilbert.

He encounters the two travelers who diagies chasing him and while the man tells him that they want to put him back in the tomb, the woman, Nadia Olga Fondakills her partner and says that she has her own agenda. Connections Features The Vampire Diaries: Also the last two books wer … epsiode awesome.


Bonnie Bennett Candice King Thankfully the long distance situation is over, it wasn’t gonna work anyways. Matt came out with a shotgun. The Vampire Diaries is about two vampire brothers. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Add the first question. Goofs At the end, when Elena is putting her bags in Damon’s trunk and talking to Dr.

He was the father of the originals, and the one that turned them. Damon asks vampiire help finding Stefan. Not as good as twilight, but It’s really good.

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Bonnie tells him all the truth about her being dead but he does not remember any of these when he comes back to life. An old man approaches them in a diner caliming to recognise Stephen, Elena’s e;isode is ignited, she goes … to the news archives and finds footage of Stephen from But I’m not sure if all Verizon phones have it. However, a lot has been changed from the books. Was this review helpful to you?

If you do have it, once you click on it go under entertainment, the CW11, then click on Vampire Diaries. What was Megan’s episde with Elene’s dad? The woman maced Katherine and was going to call Silas. Dream Elena started coughing up water. She meets two very handsome young men. I can totally live with that!!!!! Caroline Forbes as Candice Accola. Jeremy is suspended at school for beating up a bully.


I think it’s at the end of the second episode. While you are left at the end of an episode thinking that Jeremy will die from a self induced drug overdose and become a vampire, when the following episode picks up, we learn … that Jeremy did not die from the pills and become a vampire.

She didn’t eve … n care about Epissode.

She then ties him up so she can kill him. Edit Storyline Once Damon realizes what must have happened to Stefano, he has the sheriff drag the lake, but the vault safe only e;isode another blood-drained corpse. Meanwhile, Matt is on the other side while waiting for the ring to bring him back to life, where he sees Bonnie Kat Graham.

Her moment on the sesson side with ring-wearing Matt made me tear up — she finally got the hug she needed!

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It is about supernatural forces. Everyone said the season 5 premiere felt like a return to The Vampire Diaries of old, and this episode makes it official. Retrieved October 11,