Belenko leaves, securing his escape by claiming to have a deadman switch that will destroy the building. Back in Washington, Henry attends the declassification ceremony for Jai and then meets with Annie at the cafe where Jai was killed. This page was last edited on 10 February , at Henry takes Annie to his Hong Kong business office. Annie prepares to go to New York by bus to find Nelson Smith, the man who was going to transfer money to Henry. Annie follows the Chens to a meeting with Henry, who offers them a graceful end to their relationship with him. Nicholas Bishop Joins Season 5″.

Calder assigns Annie the mission of finding Borz and his backers, who clearly have inside knowledge of CIA operations. Calder learns that Auggie falsified Annie’s medical records, but declines to pursue the matter after Auggie and Annie’s suspicions are vindicated. Rena Sofer appeared in multiple episodes as Gina, Arthur Campbell’s ex-wife. I wanted him to be a leading man, who happens to be blind, and I think we succeeded. Ryan gives the suspended Auggie a new computer and has one of his men stay with him for protection. Meanwhile Auggie goes to a memorial for an old friend and meets his friend’s sister, Parker. On her way out, she talks to Joan and a recovering Arthur, who have just become proud parents of a baby boy.

I am curious, however, about this: Retrieved March 28, We may be in Africa early in the third season. He smells Lena’s perfume, allowing him to identify her as the real traitor. On October 3,the series was renewed for a episode fifth season. Meanwhile, Arthur interviews Henry just before his release, and Henry admits that he was the source behind the Mossad intelligence and claims that the drone strike was a success.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on September 5, Auggie and Joan the latter in the hospital with preeclampsia learn that the woman Henry met with was Sana, his ex-wife and Jai’s mother. She sneaks away from Auggie and Eyal with a gun, but when she finds Khalid she holds him at gunpoint and gives him information that will set him at deadly odds with his father.

And again, he misunderstands.

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Joan confronts Arthur with both her pregnancy and her conclusion that the affair never happened. Find Services Near You: She warns Auggie, who is able only to wipe his hard drives before Calder and a large team arrive. Retrieved January 13, Annie and Auggie go undercover as the couple in order to retrieve the covwrt. Meanwhile, Joan transfers Jai to a new division in Arizona, and after two years, Annie finally tells Danielle her CIA secret, e;isode her sister to distrust her and ask Annie to move out.


As Goodman, she extorts a large sum of money from Henry, in the hope of identifying his financial network. Annie must also deal with her home life and her sister Danielle Anne Dudek.

I think that goes without saying. Retrieved August 29, Lena agrees to Annie’s request for a sweep drive. He lets her escape eisode tells his team and the CIA that she is going to attack a particular floor of a bank. Retrieved August 18, In Hong Kong, Annie and Calder track the courier carrying Henry’s diamonds but lose him in a crowd just before he passes them off and is then killed by a passing car. Asked again by Annie about his private interview with Borz, he says that he has a mole in his company who is selling secrets, but that Borz was no help in his investigation.

Like, why would she assume that the blind guy works for the CIA? Despite doing well on his first assignment, Auggie decides to maintain covert cover and reverses his decision about OCA.

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Calder sends Annie to Vienna affqirs establish a business relationship with an arms dealer named Stavros, replacing Auggie with himself as her handler and forbidding the two lovers to communicate.

Confronted, Arthur explains that Helen’s apparent death was an elaborate ruse on her part and that she now works for him on weapons proliferation. Two men break into Auggie’s apartment, overpower him, and take him away in a car. The way that they figured it out was to take the emotional blinv.

Auggie’s teammate Jim Deckard, posing as one of the Chechens, kills the Chechen prisoner to save Auggie and then disappears. Retrieved February 3, Helen has learned that Stavros’ missing launchers were diverted by an Interpol official working with Henry, and she and Annie are sent to Lyon by Arthur to try to buy them back. After a few weeks, Sana has befriended her and given her a job with her fiance’s consulting firm. Arthur then learns that further Senate hearings into the drone strike have been cancelled.

Auggie eventually learns that a false passport was found on her the one she took to Cuba and tracks down the man who made it, but arrives just after Lena has killed him. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved August 4, Joan is skeptical and refuses to act on it, telling Annie to report back to the CIA farm for debriefing.


Daniel Aronoff, Food Critic Previous: Ryan is hospitalized, and Auggie and Hayley agree to a truce as she leaves for a new job. Auggie and Annie travel to Paris, where Auggie is to get his old hacker friend Natasha from season 1 to build a software key that will allow them to break into the computer of an ex-FSB man, Ivan Kravec, who is connected to the Chicago bombing. Retrieved November 24, Retrieved November 1, Annie finds Hughes’ daughter and learns of a cabin in the Virginia woods at a site she knows Henry to have visited; she goes there and takes photos of the interior but cannot get in alone.

The two playfully play the part of a married couple, and then he reveals to her that he is planning to propose marriage to Parker.

Working on her own after the mission is terminated, Annie learns that the tennis player’s new coach is a Russian agent, and both she and her boyfriend need to be rescued before the Russians eliminate them. With Ryan a fugitive, Arthur and Caitlyn attempt to carry out McQuaid Security’s last contract, providing security for cvoert signing of a treaty negotiated by US-educated Georgian diplomat Aleksandre Belenko.

Red Herry: Love is Blind: Dramatic Irony in Covert Affairs

In an interview several years ago, you mentioned that most sighted people don’t know any blind people, and, as a sighted person who happens to have many friends who are blind, I do agree with you. He proposes that they work together, saying his intention is to capture Borz, interrogate him privately for an hour, then turn him over to the CIA.

Three years after Jake 2. While Annie runs an extraction mission for a Chinese scientist she’s been corresponding with who is willing to defect, she runs into complications and is forced to make a difficult choice when they both seem to have been poisoned with polonium. I’ve cogert several interviews in which you discuss your audition as Auggie, including the fact that you didn’t know very much about blindness back then.