He decides to have a party and his former agent now Studio boss Ari Gold offers him a big role. But a feature film? The luxurious life style from the Hollywood? Somehow spending time with the gang has become a chore rather than a pleasure. Plus turtle is now a multi- multimillionaire just thought I should mention that. Even Ari is wasted.

I watched this movie as it was rated a whopping 8. Although I’ve never in my 25 years left a movie early, I just couldn’t get myself to sit through the entire joke of a movie. Surprised, Larsen says he will stay behind the movie if Ari is no longer working for the studio because of how he disrespected Travis in front of him. Asked and answered; no. It finished 4th place opening weekend after Melissa McCarthy’s terrible spy film and 2 other films no one cares about. The ‘celebrities’ that line up to parade themselves in this feature- length advert for individualism out to be ashamed of themselves

Not only ylee there absolutely no storyline, the dialogue was utterly rubbish. The luxurious life style from the Hollywood? The naked girls screwing around everywhere?

Would Ari do this, would Vincent be this expert at love after somehow banging half of Hollywood? Lastly, the movie that Vince directs, “Hyde” looks like a music video clip not a movie. Although I’ve never in my 25 years left a movie early, I just couldn’t get myself to sit through the entire joke of a movie.

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To get the most out of Entourage, it must be seen directly after the show. Great for fans only problem I had with it is that it had to squeeze a season worth of material into a half and hour movie. Lloyd Lee is getting married. Ronda Rousey is not necessarily a good actress but she’s still better than Emily Ratajkowski. Goose 3 June I was really upset that Ari’s anger in this movie was minimal sewson to the best scenes featuring Jeremy Piven in the TV series.

The writing is on point, the characters are the ones you know and love from before, and it has even more celebrity cameos probably the most in qnd movie ever.


However, Drama gets a huge payoff in the end which I’m sure most fans of the show will be happy to see. I didn’t understand what was so comic about it? Pointless cameos Warren Buffet – really?

Totally disappointed, it was a waste of money. There’s even a priceless shot of the entourage tlee down the red carpet with The Who’s “Eminence Front” playing in the background. It lacked in many aspects, particularly the plot and humour. This movie contains no plot, no character development, no witty jokes, no climax, no nothing. There are simply too many characters to make a movie like this work. Liam Neeson out did him in regards to acting with his brief appearance in it.

The only other cast member who even warrants a mention is, astoundingly, Haley Joel Osmont; the former child star amusing as a confident Texan billionaire complete with bushy facial hair, bulging gut and a bad bedside manner. Vince has second thoughts on the rough cut and cancels the screening out of fear no one will enjoy it. There is about as many A list celebrities in this movie as laughs not many.

So how can this get good reviews is beyond us,as we have noticed cameos by well know actors and “celebrities” we can only seasn that it is a satire of the Hollywood film industry, if popcor is the case I suggest we detach this area from the American territory and throw it episose space, because this is definitely an insult to human intelligence. If you haven’t seen Cole Kermode’s A well respected film critic in the UK 10 minute rant about this film which nails it just search online to summarise, episose film is terrible from start to finish, is it totally vacuous of any soul, the people cole all obnoxious, the subject matter is basically consumerism and sexism for an hour and a half it is just awful and it leaves you cold that this is what young people are suppose to aspire to.

One of my favorite shows, one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. Before you know, the whole movie industry exposition is already relegated behind the much less inviting sequences that mostly involve skins and male superiority displays. The popcorn and coke was the best part of this entire experience. An awful movie, that i regret not saeson out of the movie theater in the middle of it.


It’s hard to even call it a movie because it’s basically Entourage season 9 crammed into an hour and a half theatrical film. Some time later, the movie is almost done but over budget.

The movie feels like it is lacking the comedy and life of the show which I loved for 6 seasons. It’s almost always expected that stories with multiple lead characters eventually suffer through bland and unfocused narrative, part of which may be atrributed to eposode fact that most of such screenplays generally fit for long-term storytelling.

He decides to have a party and his former agent now Studio boss Ari Gold offers him a big role.

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There is a reason he isn’t on the silver screen with Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp or anyone. I mean this kid was in the sixth sense, how is he doing such a terrible role now! For anyone who wants to go and see the movie, choose another one. Turtle screws up a thing he could have had with a female wrestler I think?

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These people live in a ridiculous and obscene luxury. I’m still surprised to find positive reviews on this. And some famous people that appear for 3 seconds. Easily the series’ greatest asset with three Emmys and a Golden Globe to prove itJeremy Piven’s exuberant and hostile mega-agent is once again a whirlwind of scathing sarcasm dishing up memorable lines and laugh-out-loud insults.

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Based on this knowledge and legend of Hollywood lets make a Sopranos movie or Hannah Montana film. It’s clunky and heavy-handed compared with the Eposode show.

They shot it to where Vincent makes a movie and directs it