But we will see where it goes in the future. This bitch has the nerves to tease him to no end with her stupid hair, if it is in her way I’ll gladly chop it off for her. They are so weird. Seventh Cup Full Episode S 1: I hope no one ends up with her. Soulful Voice” aka Han Sung

This drama is awesome!!!!!!!!! I love to hear him speaking English. I felt like I am watching the drama already! Aaa yay the comments are working again – I can even edit them! And boss and employee. I’ve been reading your log since Witch Yoohee days, and i must say i love love how you write, and describe things, and ofcourse your POV, which relates to most of us. As of now i’m rooting for Eun Chan and Han Sung but i can’t really tell what will happen when things get better between him and Han Gyul, maybe i’ll be a shipper too hehe

Please enter your username or email address. I spent all night for a school event, but while Yoon Jae went prnice get coffee I fell asleep. It had me rolling in laughter when I first watched it. Han Gyul arrives to find Mr. Hong bristles at the way Han Gyul orders him around despite their equal status. I mean is there any decency in her, does she even use the brain she has.

This drama is unpredictable and suspenseful to the max!! I got it at a Korean bookstore.

Coffee Prince

It appears however, that the focus in the next episode will be a different relationship…. Her character is a must. Is it also like the show? I am freaking lrince over here!!

From the beginning I was kind of ;rince towards rooting for Yoon Jae even though they were trying to depict him as sneaky and a cheater, I had hoped that they would reveal that it was a misunderstanding and that he really loved her.

I have actually seen, in at least 2 dramas I can think of where the female lead does not end up with the male lead, Birdie Buddy and Dream High. And boss and employee. He had already asked to be introduced to her before that happened, so they would have probably met anyway.


Where can i watch coffee prince korean drama english sub?

You can also see that he really does have a lot of affection for her, even if only as a long time childhood friend. Aaa yay the comments are working again – I can even edit them!

Javabean if you wouldn’t mind, please give us some yummy spoilers from the book, I want to read it but I guess it wouldn’t have an English version right???

Coffee Prince Volunteer Team. The more they show her, the more obvious it becomes to me.

Of course, Han Gyul is going to resist his attraction to Eun Chan until he realizes that Yoo Ju is an insufferable-annoying-spoiled-bratty-plastic surgery produced-annoying did I say that already? Han Kyul struggles with his unexpected feelings for Eun Chan. Girls like that really tick me off. After a while, it’s just the same “where’s the beef” routine If you are a very passionate person about everything like me, you probably feel this way too if you have seen all the episodes building up to this moment in the drama.

There’s a type for everybody! Plus the coffee princes in the cafe shop, way cute. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Sixteenth Cup Full Episode S 1: At least Se Young definitely is in love with him and gave him a key to her apartment and is basically throwing herself at him hardcore she looks super desperate lol.

I was wondering when they were going to add US since we already have Yu Ju coming back from dear old Paris TV Coffee Prince Episode 4. Tenth Cup Full Episode S 1: He makes Eun Chan and Min Yub play a basketball game against him, two-to-one. Actually, the whole group is a little yupgi, really, with Min Yub mixing beans into his soju and going around trying to drunk-kiss everyone.


Fourteenth Cup Full Episode S 1: I have to hand it to the Hong sisters, Big is a very refreshing change from other dramas!! Gu the butcher and Mr. Guy K, the boss, used to be nice and appreciative to employee Girl N, but then suddenly lost his temper and accused Girl N of being useless.

This site uses cookies. Eighth Cup Full Episode S 1: I used to get teased a LOT! They make you think that he is primce on it eplsode, but then in episode 3 they turn vramacrazy and throw another twist in the plot that confuses you and makes you want to change your mind.

where can i watch coffee prince korean drama english sub? | Yahoo Answers

Episode 4 by Regals. Why are you hitting me?

I know that coffew a lot of dialogue but it was absolutely adorable and hilarious to watch and since it was fresh in my mind I thought I would share it. Male bonding is too cute. As Han Gyul is really about to lose it, Min Yub speaks up in remorse. Appreciate it, thank you!!

As of now i’m rooting for Eun Chan and Han Sung but i can’t really tell what will happen when things get better between him and Han Gyul, maybe i’ll be a shipper too hehe It makes it dranacrazy puzzling. The others try to smooth things over and keep them from fighting. Hong the cafe manager. I agree that it’s getting harder to buy everyone thinking Eun Chan’s a guy still.