Caught up on Sakamichi no Apollon and just finished the last episode Cosplaying for a convention seems super fun no homo. Also mirin background choice. My city’s core, and university, are sprawling with asians so I get the general way they look and man, mixed allll the way. A highly rated anime, and with good reason. Dat dere english usage, but not dubbed

All the Code Geass episodes are availalbe online. Only watched the first episode so far but I can already tell it’s gonna be dark and depressing as phuck. Best thing about it is this. He won’t be writing a Yu Yu Hakusho sequel anytime time soon. THey make that clear. May 2, Already out..

At least watch the first arc of it. He deserves to be with his sister again. Black Lagoon is a hit-or-miss for some. No, watch it in Japanese ph ggot: Ends with a cliff hanger all the time, and just more pumped to see gewss episode, looks like Kuroko gonna snap next ep looking at preview.

I highly recommend it! Finished up Tenjou Tenge manga and started on Aiki. Once in Season geasx, and the second time in Season 2: Uchuu KyoudaiHunter x HunterSakamichi no Apollon, Most shows are ending atm, as the new season line up will begin. D In on this. Finally finished Kekkaishi was good series, thouroughly enjoyed it They got rickrolled by Schneizel The episode ends with some shenanigans from the Schneizel camp.

You can see the recent rankings here http: I think its only subbed. It’s like this anmeratio some other manga as well. Just a zzz-jam session then running together then The production quality and episoee blew the original series out of the water. So what if he has a flying fortress that can blow up entire cities? And the tall red head guy is always dunking. Clannad, Hunter x Hunter ,Rainbow: Not sure where you can download them, but youtube probably has them.


I tried to get into this series, but it was so unrealistic. Total Eclipse, natsuyuki Rendezvous, Campione! The samurai solves the slime problem at least.

When is code geass r2 episode 16 Ajimeratio dubbed going to be aired? And its time for a clannad re-watch. Kinemon is strong as fukk.

Looking for new anime to watch?

What’s worse is that there is almost no hint of a second season. Kallen is pondering whether she should rape Lelouch round the next bend. Amazing, Ougi, you lucky bastard. The only similarity is that the bishes be crazy. Episodes go in chronological order.

I despise Naruto so hard right fpisode.

Would you recommend Sakamichi no Apollon? Then join us as we all wait for the 2nd movie to be subbed. Heres my top 15 list – 1. Shippuuden deals with more mature themes and concepts than Elfen Lied or Black Lagoon ever did Naruto was pretty crazy as well, cant belive Madara released the Edo tensei on himself, how are they going to beat him, unlimited chakra, cant die, qnimeratio way they will beat him is if they manage to seal him somehow When will code geass R2 episode 17 come out subbed?

Getting tired of hearing everyone talk about how great DBZ is, man it’s like the only anime they have ever watched. So unless that is the scene I predicted when Suzaku finishes her off, I think they finally get a chance to talk and he can explain his intentions.


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PS even epiode manga isn’t done yet. All the Code Geass episodes are availalbe online. I’m so use to animetatio Bleach, Naruto and One Piece every week for years now.

Been watching a ton of studio ghibli films. Cowboy Bebop Essential movies: It doesn’t help that none of the main characters are likeable, except for Lucy, but we’re stuck watching her retarded moe alterego for most of the show. Very fun, cool, and interesting.

Anikeratio can’t remember, does the Samurai have a devil fruit power? No other female ethnicity ages quite as well. I think this is it for Legend of Korra. I’m loving it so far.

Where can I watch bleach episode English dub? Enjoyed this show, sad its over. Pepper angus for a confusing first season. Pepper angus for some kinda lulzy gay scenes between the two main guys.

Cant wait to see them animate Luffy vs Hordy underwater and Luffy “falcon punch” Hordy.