Thank you for the recaps from finish to end! I loved it when our KS couldn’t stop smiling at the Canadaian restaurant, it was a sweet scene, him realising that mr CEO really is him. Jk Jk I’m stupid but okay so Tae Wu? Jang-geum finds her and asks if she is willing to sacrifice her niece, Geum-young, to the authorities while she herself escapes. Most of all I do not get the message with Buja. Sunny was waiting for her at the chicken shop and found the little boy who lives nearby shivering outside in the rain.

Sentarou’s immeasurable love for jazz music inspires Kaoru to learn more about the genre, and as a result, he slowly starts to break out of his shell, making his very first friend. JuDa January 21, at 9: The last scene was Tae Yong, with the feelings of their timeless love, and Bak Ha making that connection again. That Hwa-yong is to handle the dried persimmons at their nightly tea, distracting the prince long enough to sprinkle the powder on top. No, seriously, what the fuck? As a viewer, I often felt like Eun-tak this hour, worried that this idyllic reunion will be ruined by some foreboding threat lurking just around the corner.

That would have been a really nice ending. I liked the idea that Yigak had to go through a certain amount of suffering queeen be reunited with Buyong again.

This drama is my baby. All he got was temporary blindness, and a newfound son.

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Republic of China Taiwan. YG gets to be with his true love, and TY doesn’t know what he’s missing I’ve grown so attached to Rooftop Prince. I feel like Episode 20 was an interlude and the real action is all set to go down in Episode Oh man, Wild Romance was a fun one! I was crying my eyes out with the old couple too! If they had a death fate only because Samjang was born to be a vessel to contain evil and be killed by her guardianthen by that logic, if OG could kill that evil without using Sunopsis, then there dinopsis no death fate to quen with.


How’s that for grasping at straws over the heroine’s death? The pairing – the old couple and their young counterparts – felt legitimate, solid, like I was watching a news reel rather than fiction. But Tae Yong went through an almost death experience.

May Queen 1-38 (Final)

Anna Jo also outshined the male lead in Fantasy Couple. Talk about monster jet lag.

And at the end I do still think the ending is bad, just maybe So weird, but props for being in character AND carrying bags of green onions!? Not a great ending.

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I was initially excited for Goblin because it’s fantasy and it is Gong Yoo’s comeback on the small screen and I also like all clovet other actors and actresses. In the scenes when Eun-tak summons Shin and he later returns to Chez Dokkaebi and horses around in the kitchen with Reaper and Deok-hwa, he’s wearing a black robe edged in white at the neckline. What was the point of it all in the end?

Ok, this is probably true. I doubt that those 3 persimmon would have any poison in them since they were at the bottom and the crown princess only threw it on the top of clovsr pile To rid the world of an evil black dragon that was defeated in 10 seconds? I just needed to see and process it.

But back to our Sinopeis. They make me cry as much as the main characters. Jang-deok’s blunt and forthright manner at first offend her, but as time goes by, she begins to see that the female doctor is dedicated and caring. Pre-journey to the west? She finds the hiding spot and feels around, hoping for something. Being Christian I personally do not believe in reincarnation and only thought of this drama as a fictional entertaining show, but I do believe in fate and soul mates.


Stacy May 24, at 7: But what about whatever-it-was she read in a book that one time that had her so shocked? He immediately apologizes to the empty space blowsoms he was merely curious.

We skip ahead to when Shin went to see Sunny after being away for nine years. Nobody can bring out the tears from me like she can. If he’s anything quedn the Monkey in the book he sure will. Top 15 Best Music Anime of All Time You might be drawn to the genre by your love of music, but you’ll end up staying clovee the amazing story. He tells her that he too missed her very much, and she tells him that she loves him very much.

The fact that he knows where the shop was, and the posture of the way how he was mqy with both his hands behind his back and him telling her that he had “waited a long time” like he had already knew her and was waiting to meet her. Jang-geum correctly identifies a second stillborn fetus in her womb and saves her life. Kendi January 21, at 8: Yuika May 24, at 8: I will wait for your finale recap before watching them.

It was just sad because by the time Park Ha got the letter, Yi Gak was already dead, I feel somewhat wronged there