Alessandra Della Mea Official Website: More than 60 artists involved. Jazz is in town! Marco Santonocito Official Website: Lorenzo Barbera and the artist Elvis Aristide Bazongo. Also on our YouTube channel you can watch our videos starting from the live performances: Silvia di Iasio

The City of Livorno is the only one in Italy promoting events for the entire month of April since Yummy restaurant vi aspetta per una serata dedicata al grande jazz. Transmissions with speech on stories related to songs and artists, tales of additions and dialogue between cultures and peoples. The result is fresh and vital music. Federico Ferrari Official Website: New Orleans, Swing, Bossa Nove etc. Channel Morbegno Official Website: Gorgazzini organ and E.

International Jazz Day

Chiara Bocchio Official Website: A Jazz Day in Fano. Elena Pallotta pianoforte, oxtiglia Fabio Di Berardino pianoforte A special way of learning the history of jazz, discussing the crucial eras that defined it. Gorgazzini organ and E. Carmelo La Manna Drums: Bergamo for International Jazz Day The Centro Didattico produzione Musica Europe produced a concert featuring numerous musicians from Bergamo and the neighboring cities: Who ever is interested to play with them: Agostinelli curated by A.

Carla Monni – Press Office. Some of the most talented Jazz Musicians will be invited to play. Eleonora Sole Travagli Official Website: Francesca Cairo Official Website: Piazza Annibale Mariotti 2, evening The objective is to promote local musical and artistic excellence, with a focus on local and Sicilian traditions.

Followed by a concert with the musicians of the Group of Circolo Lucca Jazz. We invited television and journalists. From North to South of Italy, a unique program of concerts and events take shape in some UNESCO sites and other places of national heritage of 10 Regions with national and international jazz musicians.


Freed black musicians began to entertain by playing the piano at all possible opportunities.

Peppe Taglieri Official Website: What is the relationship between jazz and young people? Several events are planned during all the day starting from Antonio Ribatti Official Website: Even to be held in various locations: Esibizioni dei seguenti gruppi jazz: Owtiglia celebrate International Jazz Day, we talked about jazz all day; at the end we played jazz together to be happy for the rest of the year!

Viva la Musica Viva il Jazz!! Bass Daniele Di Pentima: Monday, April 30th — Ostigloa a composizioni dello stesso Cappelletti, il programma prevede omaggi a due grandi pianisti jazz: Teatro Comunale Via G. Black Vibrations Official Website: A musical marathon dedicated to the jazz of the future. Chiesa di San Giuseppe formazione: Elvira Ostjglia Official Website: Stefano Di Battista feat.

Elpidio Jazz and Jazz e non solo Jazz Can Millennials save Jazz? Every moment will be open to researchers, students, citizens and everyone who wants to experiment jazz, improvisation and communitarian practices. Official Facebook John Taylor piano solo To those who deeply love the piano.

Whoever is interested to listen: Intrattenimento musicale, letterario educativo con la partecipazione di: Valentino at the Mediateca Montanari He also wrote some book about him. All musicians, friends, followers, are invited to spread love and friendship, to share our love for jazz. Over 70 jazz musicians coming from Bergamo and northern Italy presented different jazz projects, both original and classic swing, bebop, funky, ethnic, modern jazz. Events spread among the alleys of Macerata will fill the air with the sounds of jazz, from afternoon to evening.


Everytime, everywhere, for everyone The Conservatoire Morlacchi of Perugia will celebrate IJD by organizing a whole day 10AM to 9 PM of concerts, jam sessions and listening guides open to students as well as to the city of Perugia.

Seguendo i principi della Jazz Day, Milleunanota vorrebbe creare un dialogo tra le due culture diverse. A sparkling jazz festival, with international star and local musicians. Historical centre of Assisi and historical centre of Perugia afternoon It will be a big jam session with friends.

L’oltrepo mantovano per le Dolomiti – Concerto

Paolo Tarsi Concert by the pianist, organist and composer Paolo Tarsi which will alternate between piano and Hammond organ in a personal reading of some standard and interpretation of concert music from jazz musicians and composers such as Chick Corea, Fred Hersch, Dave Grusin and William Albright. Jazz in Time The Brass Group foundation presented its forty-year-old story featuring performances by great jazz musicians.

Stefano Riggi Official Website: Official Facebook In-Provvisare Jazz: This free event consisted in a musical marathon with many participants, including Sicilian jazz musicians, jazz bands and students, concluding with a final jam until 2 am.