It had floor to ceiling windows, a very mod door and beautifully designed stairs. He revolutionised not only tamil films but the entire Indian film industry. The evidence is damning. Mani Ratnam got noticed as a director first time with Mouna Ragam. Kadhala Kadhala is an absolute classic. And with that we come to the end of a wonderful thread. And then Revathy marries a saner man. This article is closed for comments.

This is what Satyaraj precisely does to Nayantara in her marriage to Arya, and people especially a lot of females in my age hail him as the ideal dad, progressive dad etc. And as Brangan said, i could go on but i guess i rather stop. Well said and you have sort of made the same point I wanted to. Yes, see, there needs to be a sound reason all the time. If Mouna Raagam Karthik had not died in front of Revathy and had just gone missing and came back after years of jail, what you have is Idhaya Thamarai. So… Like Liked by 1 person. Poor direction, BGM, choppy and sloppy editing, overacting or no acting , bad songs in general , poor production values horrible sets , etc. Especially the voiceover towards the end when CK hands Divya her tickets,.

Satya had superb characterization, drama and operation details of how mafia operates there are certain aspects of nayakan that are dated.

So… Like Liked by 1 person. Doosra Aadmi had a brilliant casting in the sense Rishi and Shashi Kapoor being related, the similarity in personality was very credible and believable. Aadhy August 31, All selfish arrangements to suit his need… I feel most of MR characters are created that way and I always wondered why the bias towards that form of characterization? Everything is derived from these traditions and it is entirely possible to find direct quotations from old tracks.


I remember the entire cinema hall squeal in laughter when he makes his appearance in that song. There is one thing which keeps irking me even after years of Mouna Ragam release. Not hectic mefa not to get on the comments section, sadly. But Kamal was certainly giving some kind of quality cinema before Nayakan, and the Kaadhal Parisu-s and Mangamma Sabadham-s cannot take away from gv Balachander, Vishwanath, Bharathiraja, Balu Mahendra collaborations.

Certainly I am not denying that Endha Poovilum pallavi is entirely taken almost note for note from the Antonio Ruiz composition.

Using identical melodies, sure. There mmega a song which I think is by Sirpy but am not sure which derives its pallavi with minimal changes if any from Ruk Ja Jaanewali Ruk Ja. That said, I really liked this! I love it when people do politically incorrect things as long as we understand the motivations. Post the success of Nayakan,i do think there was a zeitgeist change vis a vis tamil films — how it finema made, perceived and consumed.

I also think that he is the best director when it comes to working with children.

Mouna Raagam: 30 years

Another reason would be with the respective nature of their subject matter. Is it a calculated way to move away from regular cliches or is it the way he thinks? Divya is shown to be a girl who is shown to be impetuous.

Cienma is unfair to judge nenjathai kiillathe with mount ragam manigandan followed mahendran brilliant work after a decade Like Like. Whereas, Nayagan songs are integral to the plot except Nila athu vaanathu melae which could have been pruned to a minute or so. Sorry to say that most muunima the people who compile these sort of clips have a, well, weird would rather be polite understanding of what is plagiarism in music and mostly a non existent appreciation of Western music traditions.



Email required Address never made public. Thoongavanam maybe a counter example? I guess its the way it is done. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Some moments would have been better served with silence and natural sound. Feature Film Outsider: Feature Film Madyavenal: He was always doing interesting stuff.

Mouna Raagam: 30 years | Baradwaj Rangan

I am familiar with that website and have interacted regularly online with the blogger himself, Ravi Natarajan. Idhaya Koil hardly looks like minima Mani Ratnam film. To all Deva fans in the house, a big shout-out! Been trying to find that bit of info. I personally find Nayagan quite overrated.

Shankar on Ilayaraja75 — His lesser-know…. She asks for a divorce as he keeps wanting to buy her stuff in that mall and then he gets her the papers and she signs her to make a strong point about how serious she is about her objections.

Yes it does sound egomaniac naan ambala, I can afford to make a decision but I always had a feeling he made that decision because he found this girl extremely different from the girls he probably met in his life.