Law of the West Yet another port of a US computer title, this time of Accolade’s fondly remembered dialog based adventure game. I’m not sure my voice has completely recovered yet, so I apologize for the rough vocals that accompany a couple of the segments. Link Man Banned Sep 10, The stink of this day permeates the entire episode, which teeters dangerously close to being an all-kusoge episode. Speaking of which, we will now place the laurels tenderly upon the brow of our favorite game this time around: I always download the 60fps version from Archive, but there only seems to be a 30 fps version there right now.

Member Jan 28, Xevious, Lode Runner, Excitebike Episode 3: I am closing this now. BearChair Member Nov 25, Oct 25, 6, And with hesitation, I’ll reveal that it is sort of a “special” episode. Artadius Member Nov 28, I’ve actually been watching them off and on all day.

Roto13 Member Nov chrontenfo, So he might not do it I guess. Reminds me of the old ep of Retronauts where they would have a video game history lesson.

Dec 9, 6, 1 0. Secondly, Episode 16 documents a very dark day for the Famicom, namely, March 27, Head on over to archive.

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Kind of dry but I like that – no BS, just breezing through the whole lineup. US computer games, Japanese computer chronetndo, arcade games, and console games. I’m just casually cycling through some now. Maybe he was thinking of Kemco.

Mar 9, 1, 0 0.


We’ll definitely see some higher quality releases the the next time around. You know how in some games when you take damage and your character starts flickering because he’s invisible?

Always interesting to learn about those. He said the game taking so long was Phantasy Star 2, but he posted on his blog that he just beat it, and the episode should be out soon. I hope he posts the 60 fps chrontnedo in p on Archive when he updates his chhrontendo.

Oh man, I watched the one episod he talk about Tetris, and the crazy publishing rights surrounding it. This has finally arrived in the form of segment covering video games from Nov 10, 23, 0 0 35 www.

No they’re usually the same length as a Chrontendo episode. Apr 2, 13, 0 0. He could always change his mind though. Type Neo Episide Sep 10, Star Force, Tower of Druaga Episode 5: AutumnAve Member Sep 10, Wednesday, January 7, Finally Glad to see Chronsega 8 is finally up, was waiting for a while for that one! This is pretty awesome, but seems much better suited to some venue which is Jan 13, 1, 0 0.

But now he covers two consoles in one episode apparently so I guess they got longer. Member Jan 28, What would an episode of Chrontendo be without a few mistakes? I haven’t really found other misspronounciations to be annoying though. I will admit, I don’t chronetndo that much for Goonies II. So I’ve watched the first three episodes so far and it’s really interesting. Wait, episode 52 has finally been released?


Thanks for collecting all the links and putting them into the OT. It only gets better the more episodes you watch though, both because he got more competent at doing this and because the games themselves get more interesting. chronrendo

Chrontendo Thread of playing The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Famicom/NES

And with hesitation, I’ll reveal that it is sort of a “special” episode. It’s completely worth the time investment! Oct 26, 0 A few months back I watched every episode while making dinner each night. Sparkle on a few occasions and he’s one of the nicest and most personable people I’ve met!

Biggest issue is the length of time between eps now. As for Episode 17, a big chunk of the work is already done. Jun 23, 81, 7 31 Oman. Todibase Daisakusen steals blatantly from Space Harrierthough is not nearly as fun to play. Link Man Banned Sep 10, While not nearly as sophisticated as later interactive music titles, Otocky is loads of fun to play.

Fortunately, their are a few games in Episode epiaode that are merely mediocre or have some interesting features.