The series ran 51 episodes an each episode made you want to see the next. Chousei Kantai Sazer-X the Movie: All I can really remember really of it was a lot of bad acting. That was earlier today, and the first batch is almost done downloading. I bet my translations were pretty crude compared to now, but everyone’s got to have a beginning. Super Battle Memory The Justirisers: In Live Mode, Leviathan has a whale -like shape and uses his fins for ramming attacks, as well as firing his two cannons at the fins.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. However, the meteor was hindered by Cloud Dragon and the fragments unearthed Leviathan instead. Looking Forward to seeing the gransazer revival in action. He led the team which repaired the Guntroller. Full Cast and Crew. First you see the robot then another 3 robots then there is a 5th one, then they combine to make one huge robot.. The villains Saeki Karin:

Though thought as an enemy because of Karin’s actions, Ruby reveals she’s on the Gransazers’ side when she saves Ran. A group of twelve individuals are granted ancient powers and mecha to aid their quest in defending earth from alien threats. The hotblooded hero ; An archer in his falcon armor. After evading the Wind Tribe, the Bosquito reproduces a child before fighting the Gransazers and is killed by them.

Chousei Kantai Sazer-X the Movie: The Living MacGuffin ; she has some mean claws as the leopard-based Visuel.

Edit Details Official Sites: The reason for Warp Monarch destroying the Earth’s ancient civilization some million ago was because of Bosquito running rampant on it. The Chouseishin arrive, and Daisazer finishes the clone off. Its finishing attack is called “Penetrate Thunder”, which is a drill attack that involves a dive from a height.


His past as a war photographer made him grow cautious and mistrusting, and initially he does not trust anyone but his tribe members. Shin April 5, at 9: Though she over-powered the Chouseishin acst her cloaking and clone abilities before enlarging herself even more, Lucia is outmatched by Daisazer with its pilots stopping it in time before it kills her.

Restart of TOHO’s Gransazer a Possibility

Dentsuin later makes a cameo appearance in Justirisers Episode 30, as the doctor who assessed Mio’s condition. Fransazer is composed by 12 members split amongst four elements.

The armoured suits of the Flame Tribe are all based on birds. Mika later makes a cameo appearance in Justirisers Episode 35, when she injured Shouta because she thought that he was a stalker.

DaiSazer is a very deadly chouxeishin and it is armed with a deflector as well as a laser array on its chest, but DaiSazer mostly relies on brute force to deal with its opponents. The Losers Story with 8 roles. In her black-armored form, Lucia uses the V-Sword as both a boomerang and as a sword. But in spite of his own love for her, Remls is forced to kill her to save Tarious, knocking her off the building to her death. There have been no reviews submitted. If I remember other then Gransazers there was Justirisers and Saxzer-x shocked they got 3 seasons out of it.

First you see the robot then another 3 robots then there is a 5th one, then they combine to make one huge robot. After meeting Ran, he developed a crush on her, but he would never admit it. They are all destroyed by Gransazers, Justirisers and Sazer-X but quickly absorbed into graansazer phantom ship so that it would form into Mammoth-Bosquito dragon.


Once he smashes the Crystal Slab, unaware that it’s a fake, Logia fight Tenma to his heart’s content until the other Gransazers arrive to free Mika as the Professor Horiguchi as they even the odds and force Logia to use DaiLogian to fight Daisazer until Belzeus is tired cash Logia’s arrogance, forcing him out of DaiLogian as it leaves under Belzeus control. Dailogian is Logia’s personal mecha. Its finishing attack is called “Full Moon Slash”, which is a vertical slash of magenta-tinted air that charges to the target.

In Warrior Mode, Garuda mostly relies on the ‘Garu Claw’, which are his talons on the back of his fists, for close-range combat. Be the first and write one. He guides the Sazers by giving them information and leads.

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An emissary sent down to Earth by Belzeus to find the Cawt. Under her personal training, Tappei has now become a freedom fighter. Sazer-Pisces’ main weapon is the Aqua Blitz, a small gun.

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