For more background information on home projector screens, see our comparison table and buying advice below the picks. Elite Screens Lunette 2 Series. Aspect ratio refers to the shape of the projected image, measured in various sizes. All the same, Screen Innovations are absolutely worth checking out. It also helps that it’s fully ready for 3D and 4K, and that installation is a cinch. We have won several awards for outstanding customer service. Get the best new audio gear in your inbox once a week.

Now you might think that, taking all that into account, a screen with high gain is what you want to go for, right? Best Choice Manual Screen. Delivery time ca working days. You can always change it up if you want to spend less. Our opinion is, it isn’t. Now here’s something a bit different in an outdoor screen: Anything from around degrees viewing angle should do the trick, and obviously the closer to , the better. Maybe a touch pricey?

Ease-of-use, multiple aspect ratios. For more background information on home projector screens, see our comparison table and buying advice below the picks.

celexon Home Cinema Fixed Frame screen 200 x 113 cm

Make sure you fully understand what is required to get a screen up and mounted, and if necessary, invest in things like mounting brackets. It is also one of the better motorized options on this list, certainly for this price range, although it doesn’t beat the Antra, above.

For starters, not only do you get a very sizeable usable area, but you get a slightly increased aspect ratio, at bome But this option if ideal if you don’t want to worry about bending or uneven picture. Not only are more Hollywood studios are starting to shoot in 8K, but reiew Tokyo Olympics are going to be broadcast in that format by the Japanese government.

The phrase ‘surround sound’ immediately makes people think of a number: Even in a world bursting with streaming content, Blu-ray players are still celexoj strong. You need two people to install the screen! So far so good. A previous Visual Apex model, the SE, was previously higher on this list. So perhaps the company name is apt after all! Delivery time ca working days. This is because manufacturers give the size of celeexon screen in a single measurement, which represents a line from one corner to the other, diagonally.


For some screens that do fulfil that particular category, just check a little further down the list. That is…a lot of picture. Not everybody can afford blackout blinds. See the Antra Electric Motorized.

cinmea At the touch of a button, cinwma could just roll away — although you will certainly pay for the privilege. Product description celexon Home Cinema Fixed Frame frams x cm. A screen this big — the model we have flagged is ” wide — and this imposing needs a dedicated space, and so this probably isn’t suitable for many people. This screen and its variants are definitely not for everyone, but you do get what you pay for, and this is an absolute monster of a product. Cheap for a motorized screen.

For you to be able to get a high quality image, as much of that light as possible needs to be reflected back at you, so it can enter your eyes. This means you can take it on a trip, to your next big meeting, or even just into other rooms in your house. The material is specially woven and tested to make sure that it does not interrupt sound coming from behind it, meaning you can happily place your speakers out of the way.

We promise cinea more fun than it sounds! It can take a regular 4K source and upscale it to 8K — in other words, to an image revisw measures 8, x 4, pixels – and can project it with a width of up to 25 feet. If all your media is Unbelievable gain specs, phenomenal picture. The frame is easily assembled with supplied joints.

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The curved design may make installing the Lunette 2 series a little bit tricky, which isn’t helped along by unclear instructions. At this end of the market, price trumps image quality. If you want something that can be hidden away, consider a ceiling-mounted screen. The celexon Home Cinema Framce screen is extremely easy to assemble. The most common question we get sent regarding projector screens is very simple: Or you might be decking out a media room and want icnema more permanent solution.


We have won several awards for outstanding customer service.

Silver Ticket screens use top-quality materials — this one is mildew and flame resistant and washable with mild soap and water. The ELPSC80 works well in either the office or with a home theater system, and it has an easy setup process that is much less fiddly than some other screens. A curved screen, you say? In general, a high gain is more helpful in a wider range of environments while a low gain is better at accurate color recreation and producing wide viewing angles. The screen comes in a range of sizes as well as standing and tripod versions, so you should theoretically be able to use it in just about any situation you care to name.

Ceelxon we know about projectors and projector screens leads us to say that it won’t be a problem. Expert advice for the right solution.

Don’t worry – we’ve rview you covered. All the drame down Expert and impartial technical advice Top brands at attractive prices Personalised advice Large stock quantities. Setting up a home theater system can be daunting as hell. This high-quality celexon frame screen offers an unequalled home cinema experience. Silver Ticket is a big name in this home projector market, and if you don’t find the STR to your tastes, there are plenty of other sizes and specifications to choose from – and of course, there’s the next-level Elite Screens VMAX2, above, for only a little more.

They can even be pulled down at the push of a button if you opt for a motorized version.