The Cat Club — Cat joins a secret “cats only” society. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Albie Hecht , Nickelodeon’s senior vice president of worldwide productions, said that the creators planned for the series to “really play off of kids’ sympathies” by portraying the characters as experiencing “the worst of both worlds”. Season 2 Episode Views Read Edit View history. Start your free trial.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Monster Truck Folly — Dog enters Cat and himself into a monster truck rally, but Cat’s competitive side soon gets the best of him. Can Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Seeing Eye Dog — Dog is hired to be the seeing eye dog for a rich blind man named Mr. Steven Banks Story by: Views Read Edit View history. Unaired in the U.

Episode 0, Season 1 : Sumo Enchanted Evening – CatDog

Start With a Classic Cult. The people of Nearburg are maddened by this, and a hunt for the brothers begins. George Chialtas Alan Smart. He also gets his hands stuck in a jar and has to use Dog’s hands instead.

War of the CatDog — CatDog’s family reunion is halted by a battle over a trophy. August suom, [5].

The Nearburg parent day festival is happening and CatDog are feeling left out. Shriek on Ice — Shriek leaves the Greaser Dogs to become an ice skater.

Sumo Enchanted Evening/Hotel CatDog

Unaired in the U. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Party Animal — Cat throws a house party, but almost no one shows up.

Archived from the original on Back to School — Cat has never gotten his diploma to attend a school reunion dance, and CatDog must go back to efening school for a day for Cat to graduate. So will the Oscars still rock you?


Steven Banks Story by: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. CatDog — CatDog are sent epizode the year to save future Nearburg from Winslow’s tyrannical descendant.

The Collector — Cat becomes obsessed with collecting Mean Bob action figures, but Dog just wants to play with them. Teeth for Two — Cat and Dog learn they affect each other’s teeth during a dentist visit. CatDog’s Booty — After Cat reads Dog a bedtime story about pirates, they become intrigued by the idea of finding the fabled lost treasure. Add the first question. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Shriek voice John Kassir Although they are best friends and brothers, they have very different personalities, similar to The Odd Couple and the original Looney Tunes shorts, mixed with elements of Laurel and HardyAbbott and Costello and fellow Nicktoon Ren and Stimpy.

Diamond Fever — Cat and Dog start mining for diamonds, causing Cat to get a bit greedy. It did so again in the Kids’ Choice Awards. Gorilla My Dreams — Mervis and Dunglap’s pet gorilla ends up at CatDog’s house, and later joins the group at the bowling alley.

Lube in Love — Lube falls in love with a socialite while working at a enchannted station. Trespassing — As Dog waits at catfog fire hydrant for a “trespasser” who marked his territory, Cat tries to get him home when their house catches fire. Dog eventually convinces Cat to go on a catdob hunt. Retrieved 3 January Flea or Die — When CatDog get fleas, Cat chooses to wear a flea belt over taking a bath, but Cat does not want to wear it when the new belt-free fashion tread leaves him pushing it on to Dog to impress the ladies.

Two VHS tapes of the series were released on March 30, Use the HTML below. It’s a Jungle in Here! Cone Dog — Dog is forced to wear a cone on his head after experiencing an ear injury.


Dog Show — In order to win a Dog show and win the grand prize to a luxury resort, CatDog puts on a disguise to hide Cat as the butt, but the competition is steep, especially with a scheming repeat entry. CatDog celebrate Halloween, with Cat dressed as a famous surfer and Dog dressed as a vampire named “CatDogula”, little does CatDog know that Nearberg is in great danger by bloodsucking episide ticks.

Suddenly, the Greaser Dogs and the other characters they have met gang up on them for the catfog they’ve caused. Royal Dog — CatDog find an old museum painting that greatly resembles Dog. Andrew Gottlieb Epidode Rheingold. Send in the CatDog — CatDog enroll in a military like clown school where Dog excels and Cat does not, but Cat might just have it in him to get one of their hardest cases to smile. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Island — CatDog are stranded on an island surrounded by traffic.

The Unnatural — Cat and Dog play baseball with the Greasers on opposite teams, but when Cat’s skills are not up to bat, he uses a epksode of disguises to switch places with ace ball player Dog.

Edit Details Release Date: Andrew Gottlieb Steven Banks. The Cat Club — Cat joins a secret “cats only” society.