When you encounter scratching, it’s usually a good indication that there’s a DC voltage leak in the signal. Anyone ever played it? I haven’t done it with this amp, but it’s used pretty commonly within various drive pedals. The best thing to try is to put a cap in position with an appropriate value approximately to block DC. Sep 10, 2. Yes, my password is: Good to hear you got things worked out and to your liking. I don’t even own a back-up amp and have done gigs with this Carvin.

I have certainly found things I like better over the years but the JCM was fine. THat’s my thought and here’s my thanks brothers–I ‘preciate the shit out of it!!!! Since I’m retired, I’m not going to have it done since it runs “Like new” and let the next owner worry about it. This is a brilliant feature as it turns off half of the stack of power tubes and lets you maintain the tione without the high volume. There are big capacitors that are designed to do nothing more than get, hold, and release filtered power to the rest of the circuit. Other than that, things are very straightforward. It’s good diagnostic practice to anyone else who might read this. Like I said, I was pissed and ready to move on.

Much better than the He re tubed it, softened it up. I’d sleep with the thing but my wife gets jealous. Solid state amps are infinitely more forgiving, but if you just plug in the headphone into the preamp out without anything connected to the actual speaker outputs, you will ultimately fry things.

It would just kind of die. The second factor is what is the quality and specific character of the tube in V2. This was really the case with the second voltage divider as well. The previous guy had modded it by removing the diodes and replacing them with a single k resistor, which didn’t do the job the “delay” issue you mentioned, which is grid-blocking distortion. I am a crazy fool that has no problem poking around inside tube amplifiers. Yes, my password is: I’m not a trained EE by any stretch, but through the power of the internet and the information that’s been put into it over the decades, there’s a lot of great information – there’s also a ton of crap, but after awhile I got a sense for what was good and what wasn’t.

So just looking for some input. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I didn’t put in the pf in parallel, which would actually increase treble rather than reduce it think of it like the bright cap on a volume pot.


Also most tend to agree the reverb is a little harsh. It also is just as loud and is one road-worthy gigger.

Sometimes this is good. It was just a pretty forgettable OD. I had a Blue Voodoo and figured out that they sound great when you cut the tones back to seriew to 4.

In fact, if anyone wants serie make the amp a little less muddy, here’s what else I did: Did your mod earlier tonight and it worked beautifully. If you don’t know what you’re doing – don’t do it.

Thoughts on the Carvin MTS 3200?

Other than that, things are very straightforward. He said he removed all of seriies clipping diodes but had to re balance the pre amp stages and moved the tone stack to the end of the chain like the Marshall. I don’t have a cobmo off-hand, but Brian Wampler has a video on Youtube that goes through the concept when used in conjunction with distortion circuits – you might find it useful and informative. I’ve got the combo tjbe sitting in my closet.

Zeb Lee July 30, at 1: When I came across this guy I ultimately stated at the middle of the road with the resistor values and worked incrementally to find what worked for my ear and sounded pleasing. Pulling a pair of the 6L6’s, which should reduce heater current to 3.

I suppose that would involve raising the value of C28 to. I’ve never been a fan of the integrated silicon-based dirt found in a lot of designs like this one, the JCMseries, and a lot of the Fender products. All in all, I’m not a huge fan of this amp. This amount is subject to change until you sfries payment. I found it ,aster at lower settings. A lot of reviews say that the gain channel is very 80’s sounding. It has two speaker cabinet outputs with a 4, 8, or 16 ohm impedance selector.

Eliminating the Diodes from the circuit weren’t that challenging. Brad, I will be performing this modification in the next week and I wanted to know how you got the values for the resistors in the voltage divider s?

Brad, you’re selling this pretty good but the title of the post implies a problem … For being a tube amp, the entire thing is pretty sterile. I’m not really sure why it’s so hip to mod these now–mine sounds fine to me. I personally haven’t seen any signs of over voltage on my board or the two or three other examples of this amp I’ve been in over the past few years. I mean if you really, really dig the amp then by all means do what you gotta do.


Old Tweed Bassman style presence controls were notorious for that effect since they were playing with DC as it modified the AC signal path across the variable resistor. What this does is takes our nice tube gain and as our volume climbs, which means more voltage passes through the circuit in a high-level sensewe begin to feed the second gain stage and drive it higher and higher.

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I chose the Carvin because of what it had to offer. Your name or email address: The Brad December 21, at And if it ever falls out of favor, it won’t take up much room in your closet!


My best advice is, assuming you are good with the math and confident that you can do what needs to be done in the presence of potentially lethal voltage, then go with the algebra for the theoretical understanding of serie happening, but ultimately let your ear be the 32000. Sep 10, 9. I’d say the my least favorite feature of the amp is the OD channel. A better option would be to obtain a much better spec’d transformer that was up to the task; however, I have not researched potential replacements – though I would not expect it be 32000 difficult as long as voltage was roughly the same and the same taps existed.

If you’re looking for a Good deal, this one ain’t bad, but If your looking for a Marshall get a better job. Lots and lots of balls!

After awhile, my Fender Twin was getting a little long in the tooth for what I was playing and the voice in my head told me I needed something with some high gain. Sell one like this. seriea

They also tend to be a good value.