I thought it might be a vapor lock but that’s not it. I tried to complete a contact form on their website, and received an internal error message. Only his lady, but this was a Home Run! I used it a half dozen times during the fall and come winter covered it. Within a minute of the top closing the flame started to grow, and keep growing. Maybe they should stick to just making flashlights, or maybe not.

Page 1 Reviews 1 – I use a cover whenever this grill is not being used. May 30, My fiancee and I bought a 3 burner gas grill with charcoal grill also attached 2 years ago. Heat tent on unit disintegrated and tried to order a new one from Brinkmann. Stay away from this company. I was gifted the Brinkmann five-burner grill for a wedding present from my father. I bought this smoker for my girlfriend that moved and had to leave her smoker behind.

I used it twice a month for the 1st 2 years, not at all for a year, and twice a week for the past 2 years.

Brinkmann Grills

But I have BBQ’d on such occasions. Now the burners failed. I called on October 8 and left my number. I just don’t have the will to wheel brinkmannn across the yard and inside after every use. Now I’m trying to get the correct replacement parts, but it’s impossible to get a response from this company.

I ordered the thermostat on October 1st. Last response was they will mail me replacement parts?

In January I noticed it listing to one side and checked and one of the legs had completely rusted off and was amputated. I stopped working on it because it was making me very very mad.


I explained that I bought a new grill with a bad rdview, a new one was sent that was bro About the fourth or fifth time, I noticed a definite discoloration of the steel on both hoods and the two trays.

Opening the box I noticed the thermostat was stuck on degrees – the temp outside was around I demand a refund! I took it off but couldn’t blow through it now.

Brinkmann ProSeries 58 BTU 4-burner Gas Grill With Side Burner | eBay

When we discovered the channels were rusted I contacted Brinkmann. By now you will guess that Brinkmann was not going to do anything but send rsview a replacement part. I did it the old fashioned way with a lighter. Not sure how to choose? Stay away from Brinkmann. Maybe they should stick to just making flashlights, or maybe not.

The assembler there also told me that last year they had to take all of brinnkmann grills off the shelf because there was a recall due to a regulator problem Brinkmann denied this. Guys that work for our gas company told me I may have froze the regulator, ruining it. You too will be seried If this is how they make grills I will never buy a Brinkmann. I have not had that problem. Look forward to your smoker version. Considering no one can understand this faulty grill, what are they going to send me?

I touched the last remaining channel and it fell straight off without any resistance.


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Shame on Home Depot for selling such absolute crap! Unfortunately, we grill sent the wrong replacement parts, even though I did specify the exact model number, and included the receipt. There is a reason Brinkmann is in chapter 11 high price, low quality. You can get it Ground. BBB has been notified. Little did we know this company file for bankruptcy until today. Cover them all the time. I packed up gws terrible grill, took it back and got my money.

Won’t light for this season. What good are they if the rest of the grill is falling apart? It was 10 years and change, just before Father’s Day. Your 10 year old Brinkmann has stood the test of time.

Brinkmann 810-8300-w Pro Series 8300 Gas Grill Replacement Burner&heat Plate

Stick to Weber or a stick seires an open fire over Brinkmann products. We purchased our 5-burner grill with single side burner approximately 2 years ago When I turn to “high”, I only get partial flames across the tubes. Not what you have on the floor.