New or upgraded installations are highly [ In order to get more information. The sensors can be integrated into orthotics, or be designed outside of it as a separate unit. The sensing apparatus of claim 16 or 17, characterized in that a further sensor is in addition to the 3-D sensor is provided at least which detects movement-relevant data, such as physiological data in the form of the pulse rate, respiratory rate or skin moisture of the athlete, or how environmental parameters in the form of the ambient temperature or the ambient air pressure. Die Firmware erkennt automatisch verschiedene Hardwarekonfigurationen und verschiedene Versionen. Eine Auswertung der Daten findet vollautomatisch in der mobilen Erfassungseinheit statt. Several air pressure sensors may be provided for differential measurement, z.

Das Ascom Paging System beherbergt alle. You helped to increase the quality of our service. Optionally, the user side in an expert mode, the enabling or disabling of individual sensors may be provided, so that the amount of acquired data can be adapted to the particular requirement and optimally minimized. The output for the risk profile done on the PC in the form of charts, texts, etc. Das kann ruhende Haltungen wie z. Method according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the data detected by the transducer are automatically transmitted to the stationary host, when a data connection from the cache is to the stationary host. New or upgraded installations are highly [ For the motion detection, the information is at least one sensor attached to at least one body position evaluated.

Gigaset M2 plus professional und Gigaset M2 Ex professional mit [ In this case, a so-called eligibility corridor is defined, which specifies, for example, for the various joints of the human in each certain angular movements in one or in several directions, which should preferably not be exceeded or fallen below. Diese beruhen beispielsweise auf der Annahme, dass die Hauptlaufrichtung gerade nach vorne ist. Audible and vi su a l alarm functionality a t l ocal computer gmp-monitoring.

Thus, a better protection of the sensing device is achieved to mechanical damage than when the detection device loosely in a bag or the like stored or would be maintained.

System for detection, analysis, and feedback transmission pulse and activity of creatures system for detecting physiological parameters of a person. As structural measures, change of housing, the support of a walking aid o. It also works well for sites with a centralized server. A method according to claim 1, characterized in that are detected by means of several measuring sensors, the movements of individual body parts of humans.

The object underlying the invention is to provide a method which allows low economic cost a motion analysis in humans. In a similar embodiment, it is technically known in the medical field to analyze a running on a treadmill patient, said analysis either at the same signalgwber, by befindliches on the treadmill personnel such. The raw data is preferably AC dismantled previously filter in direct current DC and alternating shares.


Detection apparatus according to claim 16, characterized in that the intermediate storage is integrated into the detection device. The sensing apparatus of any one of claims 16 to 20, characterized sifnalgeber an elongated narrow shape. Sturzparameter hingegen sind anders zu bewerten, je nachdem wie die Ausgangsstellung war.

This is to laboratory measurements under known conditions and conditions such. A sensor unit may consist of individual sensors for detecting 3D acceleration singalgeber 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer and extends its by air pressure, temperature, FSR, strain gauges, or sensors for physiological factors.

The controllers are self-sufficient in terms of energy supply so that no power supply during the recording of movements is required.

Bosch IUI-BES-AO Extern-Signalgeber akustisch/optisch, Sirene, AMAX, Easy Series

Slipping of the detection device, so variations in the mounting of signalteber sensors on the body are not ruled out in practice. Die Aufnahme bewegungsrelevanter Daten erfolgt mittels bewegungssensitiver Sensoren wie easyy. In contrast to known devices that work with flex sensors, the sensors of a proposed acquisition device need not be mounted both above and below a joint.

Detecting apparatus for detecting motion data of humans, wherein the movement detection device is attachable to the human or a moving of the human subject, characterized by at least one motion-sensitive sensor which detects spatial movements, such as a 3-D acceleration sensor, a 3- D-magneto-sensitive sensor or a 3-D gyroscope, signalteber a latch, which is assigned to the detection device and receives signaalgeber data collected by the transducer, and by a said sensing device identifying the ID code, which is stored in the detection device, and an interface, which is configured transmission of the motion data and supplied by the sensor of the ID code to an external device enabling.

In one embodiment the detection device is additionally equipped with a GPS receiver for alignment of the sensor data.

DEA1 – Detecting movements with feedback – Google Patents

Der neue PS-Transceiver kombiniert die [ Each player must be evaluated individually with high personnel costs. Method and device for detection of fall situations of persons with a risk to health.

Die genaue Kenntnis, wie in den komplexen Bewegungsablauf einzugreifen ist, ist dabei nicht unbedingt erforderlich. This system showcases an impressive list of features including an easy-to-use boscb, highest standard OLED display for a [ When calculating boundary conditions can be considered such.

An analysis that takes into account more or different measurement data in comparison, takes place in the shortest possible time automatically on the desktop computer or on the related central server.

Current updates and upgrades can be loaded automatically or manually with a USB connection through an integrated bootloader optional.


Data storage and l oc a l alarm functionality e v en if the network connection fails gmp-monitoring. In the simplest case, a single instrument is only used, so that, for example velocity, acceleration, and trajectory of movement can be detected.

Several air pressure sensors may be provided for differential measurement, z. Bei Verwendung von System4 Multiplexern ist mindestens ein. In this way it is impossible that the detection device can be accidentally turned off or its settings can be changed accidentally. This is not a good example for the translation above. Bei Verwendung von System4 Multiplexern ist mindestens ein [ The sensing apparatus of any one of claims 16 to 18, characterized in that the interface as a USB port 2 is designed.

The device advantageously has a plastic or metal housing which is housed in a special receiving the clothing.

Method according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that in the evaluation electronics several eligibility corridors are stored, and different signals are triggered depending on which admissibility corridor was abandoned by the automatically detected motions. Akustische und v isue lle Alarmierung am Bild sc hirm gmp-monitoring.

You get rapid ROI as well as great. In the simplest embodiment, only 3-D acceleration sensors and ssries magneto-sensitive sensors are used. The regular prospecting by qualified personnel on the one hand serve to verify the eligibility corridor and possibly redefine, and other hand to document the training progress and to end a therapy after an appropriate success.

The sensors are of which at least one acceleration sensor, one or more Magneto sensors, one or more gyroscopes, one or more air pressure sensors or a combination. Data transmission between the individual components such can. The handling of the devices must be carried out easily and without technical knowledge, since only the detection device can be switched on and must be borne aesy the people.

For example, the activity can be monitored by the acceleration sensor that waking the processor from a so-called Sleep Mode. In this way, the recorded data can be automatically assigned to specific regions of the body of man, and at the same time easy handling is ensured by humans.

As for certain diseases or certain serie measures are typical. When flowmeter sensor motion sensitive ewsy are used, so that the mobile detection unit, the system anywhere indoor and outdoor without setup or calibration is immediately ready for use without outer reference points.