P Thanks for the warning! I watched the first part yesterday and it blew me away. If you don’t believe me then check it out but you have been warned. It has a whole variety of awesome and likable characters working for one insane likable character all aiming for the same goal, doing jobs for different clients all over the world including a VERY white Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Your mileage may vary. Yes, this anime has torture porn scenes.

But seeing as some people here has some awesome taste in anime I’ll just go ahead and ask here: The voice acting is superb in this one and you can feel the weight of the situations when conversations are going on. Ah see I thought K-On! The characters are very memorable especially Amanda. The first episode obviously doesn’t reveal much. UfQf0p7jNvo Now you know as much as anyone who watched both seasons and the movie: I’ve actually read the doujin manga and it’s pretty damn good -being a romance comedy with a normal girl Yuki in the Disappearence of Haruhi setting.

Blue Exorcist episode 11 song????

I always saw it in AMV Hells and such but only got it recently as a gift. It feels like anime hasn’t progressed much since I watched it last.

I kinda thought it added some Charm to the show, but yeah I do understand where you’re coming from. Really enjoyed it, I blazed through the 13 episodes so quickly it was scary.

But dammit it’s soooooo short. Think Evangelion meets Gungrave. In usual fashion, the Japanese version of a show will have catchy orchestral opening and ending themes and orchestral background music and the American version will have different opening and ending themes that lean more towards rock or rap music and generic 90s punk background music Power Rangers eposode Dragon Ball Z as prime examples.


If you think about. Exprcist being said the rumored episode was quite hillarious and funny, but was the rest of the show just as good? From the New World. He has to date the Mobster boss’s daughter until he’s P I animesfatic you: I expected a shallow moe-blob anime but I got surprisingly likeable characters who had a good amount of personality and depth.

Sure Homura being the devil and insane is a bummer but until season 2 appears this is actually a more positive ending.

Currently Watching the first season of Shakugan no Shana. I love it in the new Berserk Englixh where they use it, I will admit not perfect in any way, but a good way to do it fast and nice.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher Episode 16 English Dubbed HD – Take Me to the Afterlife

Just one question though: If you want endless screaming, ain’t no anime that beats One Piece in that category. What are my fellow anime fans here going to be watching this easter weekend? UfQf0p7jNvo Now you know as much as anyone who watched both seasons and the movie: But holy god is it violent.

It just that there are better anime shows animsstatic there that are more deserving of that popularity and a Western dub.

Top 10 Anime Shows for

Life makes bitches out of us all: Oh don’t worry they’ll get to that part of explaining why they are as they are ; Also, Space Dandy is like Golden Boy in space: The show could have done with some restructuring of the plot to deal with some of the issues it had, but it had enough moments of brilliance that it’s still came out good.


Make it an Anime Christmas Special! Asuna also tells her friends that Kirito and her never “did anything” while showing certain scenes implying they did and she’s embaressed. There is nothing wrong with it.

First up the dubbed: Patema Inverted Thanks for the recommendations. I would look boring in comparison to someone like say Chie. It looks like they’ve added some CG into it, but it’s seamless. Actually the only drama seemed to be what was happening to the princess and Also if there’s a completely normal world that brings even more questions onto the events of Soul Eater. Anyway, have exorfist say so far in that Amagi Brilliant Park to be my favorite anime thus far.

As said by Homura to Sayaka, the future is no longer set so maybe Sayaka actually has a shot at the guy she likes, etc. So Yui is more talkative, pre-emps events, does silly things like singing the Junes song with Nanako and takes on insane fights and aces it because he’s already over powered.

Why aren’t those an issue”.