Catch new episodes airing every Saturday on YTV! In an unknown land, six guardian beasts provide protection and help cities to thrive through battles called BeyRaiderz. Suddenly Scorpio and Fireblaze enter the scene. DJ says the stadiums will be randomly picked by computers. Sho and Leon team up to take on Jin and Jimmy in a coliseum where 9 tokens are present. Under the arrangement, Eleven gained access to programming from CBS’s back catalogue. After Sho has won the Beywheelz world championship, everyone wants to battle with team Estrella. Gingka and his friends have now exited the beach and are in a Beyblade tournament, Gingka and Kenta battle with Gingka winning.

Upon opening the coliseum six Golden Statues aren’t found, but a team battle coliseum is in place. An electric wall preventing stadium outs is the only addition made. Rachel reveals that Samurai Ifrit has powered up more than any of the others, but it’s still not enough to bring him out of slumber. One feature of the BCDB is its Top Rated page which provides a listing of the top 25 animated films as voted by the users of the website. When Jimmy brings up the mysterious Kaiser, Jimmy changes the subject to dinner, almost as though he and Rachel are hiding something about Kaiser Gray. The first battle shown in the series is revealed to have been the battle between Flame and Tempest, with Flame hoping to bring the world to prosperity.

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Views Read Edit View history. Comment if u have seen it Byeraiderz a mysterious group watches from the shadows and decide that it is now time to reveal themselves to the world. Kai, shocked by the power of Dranzer, doesnt notice the ice beneath him cracking, Tyson, Ray, Max and Kenny rescue Kai. Leon and Ricky find the Grandmother and return her to Rachel, Jimmy, and Holly where they learn of the battle taking place.


BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz Episode 1

The light of each BeyRaiderz begins to glow mysteriously in the prison as Sho and his friends, now joined by Armes, attempt to escape. Sho and Leon team up to take on Jin and Jimmy in a coliseum where 9 tokens are present.

Jin teaches him it’s more powerful to be honest than to try to learn something. Kaiser Gray entrusts Task with the task of recruiting Armes to join their side. Cartoon Network acted as the premiere station for episode 4 after airing a 4-episode marathon January Canadian people of Ukrainian descent Revolvy Brain revolvybrain births Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Canadian male voice actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

The etymology of the anime is disputed. Sho and Ricky are battling, and Sho wins. Australias capital is Canberra, and its largest urban area is Sydney, for about 50, years before the first British settlement in the late 18th century, Australia was inhabited by indigenous Australians, who spoke languages classifiable into roughly groups.

They meet the Treasure Hunter Bison and learn that Bison is searching for six Golden Statues that are shaped after the mystic Guardians, after the group makes it through a series of traps, they convince Bison to lead them to the coliseum. Leon challenges him to a battle at sunset.

Newcomer Gingka saves Kenta from the Beyrajderz Hunters but then is challenged to a one hundred to one battle….

Leon and Jin also manage to settle their fights with Matthew and Lucy, taking away victory.

Metal Saga, which encompasses four seasons: Beyraidrz next day the 4 BeyWarriors approach a mountain coliseum where they encounter a series of traps. Now that they’ve uncovered him, Task won’t let Sho and Jin leave. After Odin suffers a quick defeat, Sho and Ryan begin the final match.

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They use the elevator to get up, but due to weight limits they have to leave Covey at the first floor to fight low class Dominator wheelers. Member feedback about List of programs broadcast by Yey!: While searching for the next town, Ricky goes off on his own episods try and awaken his beast. The six BeyWarriors are each given BeyRaiderz and charged with going from coliseum beyraidez to coliseum arena to battle.


Look What i found Sho and Jin each manage to get one more token, giving each team 3, but when Jin’s BeyRaiderz flips over and becomes unable to battle, it allows Leon to keep Jimmy distracted while Sho collects the beywheflz two tokens with ease, with the team battle completed, both Samurai Ifrit and Berserker Byakko are released.

He explains that there is a new world with beys different from those they know and that only strong Wheelers can open the gate leading to it. The Dominators then epiode a formal tournament of 5 on 5 including a tag team match. Kaiser appears to have it won when he looks to be headed towards a token lead, but Sho steals a token to even it up at Burst Burst Epissode Burst Turbo.

February 8, [4]. This is a source of great annoyance and shame to Leon who is now to battle Jake in the 3rd round on an ice field. This is a list of events taking place in related to Philippine television. Everyone in the dome is cheering for Estrella, while beyraidedz Dominators have no supporters in the crowd.

Task reaches the same location, and begraiderz two agree to battle at this new arena as the episode ends.