Shout at the noisy children. Break off the door locks since we could not find the key. Joseph Raymart Santiago is a young doctor who returned to his hometown in the Mountain Province to bury his father, an Ifugao chieftain, who was killed during a tribal dispute. You ran after the dog. Put the smelly durian away from me. Adobong manok at baboy ang ulam ni Shiela kagabi.

He relished the taste of his mother’s dish. Sharpen the kinife on the whetstone. The garbage piled up on the streetwalk. I dodged the ball. Tinik sa dibdib Baka ka mabighani sa ganda ni Monica. The wind blew hard. Let’s give something to the poor.

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Did Ana spend some money for her birthday? Huwag kang mang-iwan ng kasama.

Umabuloy ka sa kanya. Asistihan natin ang mga nangangailangan. Don’t feel bad that he has not sent you nb letter. Elsa barricaded the door in order that the kid will not be able to get in. The prisoners were able to break loose. Spread the mat on the floor. He suspected his wife of marital infidelity. Maglingkod ka muna sa iyong mga magulang bago ka mag-asawa.


The car ran panahkn a stone wall. Spanish noun has different stress mark compared to adjective and verb AMO. He pressed hard against the door. The leech clung to him.

Take care of the child. Spend your time with your kids. Put on your clean clothes. You should put on a jacket or you might feel cold. The adobo she cooked was salty. You put a block of wood across the door. You give joy to other people.

I don’t want to touch other people’s belongings. Sterilize the forks and spoons.

When his feet were amputated he could pabahon walk anymore. Lay down your things in the living room. Don’t maltreat your fellowmen. When do you your firstborn to be born?

She ate a lot last night. We sympathize with the hurricane victims.

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Carry berdigo umbrella to the office. You wash your face after waking up. He got ready [to do something]. Turn the car around. Nena’s paper usage is wasteful.


Speak to him in English.