Rob manages to keep is act together and handles the kitchen well, but Scott and Steve have no experience in running the bar and struggle to cope. Or that every customer that goes in to that restaurant and comes back with a negative review are all somehow working for Spike TV? Jon watched the recon with the owner’s wife. Now Jon must figure out if the son can get his act together or if his father should let go from the business. After remodeling the bar to a country lodge theme, Rob takes pride in running the bar and succeeds in relaunching the business. I know because I took notes on the back of said waiver:. Reply Noah Murphy April 6, at

Its a television show. This article seems a bit silly. Jon attempts to help an inexperienced martini bar owner whose apathetic and combative attitude has resulted in her bar to hit sub-standard conditions and numerous face-offs with her staff, including an fed-up chef in the kitchen. Proving Ground [Note 1] [Note 1]. They made that quite clear by the Youtube video. This attracts a lot of people with money. The food was excellent, the grog was delicious and the service staff was friendly I got a free dessert and t-shirt. Earlier aired shows fair worse and im guessing later aired shows end up the same way.

It just fit too properly. They brought the stuff back to the shop and sold it for a profit. Honey, I rescud, feel sore for you — a lost soul. Back Beat [Note 1]. In some ways, the jovial, friendly staff is why anyone would come to Piratz in the first place and Taffer ignores it. After he leaves you still have to maintain the raucous crowd that happens to show up at the end of every single bar that’s rescued.


Something is not right. Reply Noah Murphy April 5, at Bag quickly issued a statement apologizing for the incident. For example, the new tiles on the floor were simply glued onto the floor underneath.

Taffer’s resume is quite extensive, managing bars and coffee shops on both coasts before opening his own bar in Jon demotes Nick for the stress test, telling him that he has to earn his way up from being back bad the bar to bartending to managing. Reply Josh April 3, at 7: Instead, she and Juciano wasted little time baf the Corporate structure of their new place.

Now his brother calls upon Jon to help him clean up his act. V Bar [Note 1] [Note 2]. Corey McWhirter October 17, at Reply Jay March 30, at 8: Reasonable price, like a local pub should.

Piratz Tavern: How Bar Rescue Faked Reality

If you could have provided a copy of the rental agreement for the equipment or some other documentation for the other issues raised I think others could take you more seriously. It was too much of a mismatch, with an owner who at the end of the day seemed erscue want to keep doing the same thing that had been losing her money all over again, but with a different outcome.

Mike the one eyed dude lives to be a pirate. And Taffer is an expert on going broke. Monkey even said it was one of the worst experiences of his entire life, and I have to believe him. It only takes a little bit of reading on the Internet to find out that Jon Taffer is an incredibly successful man.

The change brought diversity. The bar is now the temporary home of the Resuce House Tavern, which had to relocate due to a fire at its original location across the street.


SHUT IT DOWN: ANOTHER ‘Bar Rescue’ Bar Closed Down Forever This Past Weekend

Now, the Rebelos are headed south. The first airing had been removed but the second, late-night re-broadcast had not been. That Spike, Yelp, Youtube and all the people of the internet are conspiring to make it seem like a thriving business is, in fact,struggling.

That in and of itself is a fictional statement. Jon must find a more profitable marketing plan and mend the fence with the owner’s family if he is to save this bar. It was a compelling, well-produced show. Jon returns to bars with the most stubborn owners to see if they continued to fail or succeed without him. But come on, this business was failing for a reason! I was on the show in Season 2 and was never given a script or what to say, none of us were.

Great rum drinks, great wings and shrimp. Reply Jim Plunkett March 30, at 4: The camera and audio work. Once to try it for the first time. Reply Suzy September 9, at 7: Did they do this just to get free stuff so they could start their Pirate crap with fresh stuff? The female bartender in that episode is a black chick with dark hair named Jenny Costa.

Jon helps a failing Portland music venue that has an ant infestation, a staff that has no mixology experience and an owner who is more interested in the music than managing his bar.