During this year she had little time for her Cairo nightclub and her attention was focused mainly on her plays. The young man told her that he dreamed of opening a bookstore but he needed her financial help to do so. She also operated at least two theaters where she staged many plays as well as a movie cinema that was part of her nightclub complex. One of the mayor contributions she made to oriental dance was lifting it up out of the traditions of chaabi or popular dancing. He convinced Badia to give him the money. Antoine not only managed Badia’s clubs, but also held a power of attorney that Badia had given him. Taheya Carioca came to work with her once more and she was there to perform on the opening night.

There was much passion, fighting, reconciliation, marriages, divorces and true to the entertainment industry, money problems. There were no raqs sharqi dancers at Badia’s club when it first opened its doors. Badia named her cabaret the “Opera Casino” that was the official name but it was also known as “Badia’s Casino” or “Madame Badia’s Cabaret”. It was also called Opera Square because it is where the old Cairo Opera house stood at the time. Bands, Clubs and Venues. Around this same time, Badia decided to rent a portion of another club called the Fantazio which was part of the English Bridge Club in Giza City, so named because it stood near the English Bridge sometimes called the Blind Bridge, later named Al-Galaa Bridge that extended over the Nile. People flocked to the inauguration of the Casino Opera. Badia’s acting career soars while she performs in plays with el-Rihani’s troupe.

That was three times as much as what she had sold it for. Songs, monologues, and Tunisian dancing. To add insult to injury, her house stood completely empty. It was at the end of this grand avenue, Mohamed Ali Street that Badla would open her premier clubs.

This is Opera Square today.

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Edit Storyline In a small Lebanese village, a young woman forced into a loveless marriage seeks the help of belly dancing legend Badiaa Masabny, and informs her that she has dreams of becoming a rich dancer like her and refuses to marry a man bafia does not love.


This mall stands today on the site where Badia Masabni’s famous Casino Opera once stood and it’s quite appropriately named The Opera Mall. Badia Masabni Badiaa Masabni, the godmother of oriental dance, was born in Lebanon, at that time still part of Syria.

He convinced Badia badi give him the money.

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It was common knowledge that Churchill’s son and the Duke of Gloucester had capered in her Casino. This termination enraged Beba and she conspired with a lawyer friend of hers to try to force Badia to sell her club. Badia’s continued stardom in Syria and Lebanon, her illness with smallpox, and the death of her mother. She also invited him to come and live at her house. Badia’s very first film was Malikat el Massareh Queens of the Theaterswhich was released in Badia was stopped at the door of her own club and not permitted to enter.

It was no wonder that Badia was in trouble.

Sala Badia Masabni was certainly not the first club in the area. Now all these elements together started to shape the belly dance into raqs sharki or oriental dance. Moulid Moods and Moves. This photo shows Taheya Carioca, one of the dancers who headlined at the Casino Opera, in a scene from one of her motion pictures.

This was the time that Mohamed Ali Street bisected the old medieval Cairo with new buildings that ended in the Europeanized Ezbekiya Park and the downtown Ataba area. Her mother searched for her and found her living in Beirut.

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Academic papers for school purposes may use information from this site only if the paper properly identifies the original article on Shira. One of the first things Beba did was to post maaabni at the tilm to prevent Badia from entering. Ibrahim Pasha still sits astride his horse pointing off into the distance. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. She had no idea that she could be taxed on the sale of her club as well.

This remained the basic layout of the entertainment at the club until the following year. If you wish to translate articles from Shira. A translation is available. It says “Opera Office Building and Garage”. Fame in Beirut and Pain in Damascus. She called it Sala Badia. Badia Masabni Satirizes the Hollywood Stars. InBadia turned her full abdia back to her Mqsabni El Din street Sala Badia, adding more singers and more dancers to the entertainment lineup.


Now it stands closed, its facade blackened and scorched. She used European choreographers including Kristo Klaadex to bring the lady-like western element into the dance.

She was practically a one-woman show. We worked together at the Bagdad. Due to the national mourning and state funeral, every mwsabni casino, sala and theater in Egypt closed that day. The man who committed the crime was rumored to have been a relative.

But because she wanted to reach out to both the Europeans and the upper class Egyptians, she wanted to headline and feature dancing that was not just from the countryside. Now she owned Sala Badia, and together with Antoine she took over the management of the club. Badia then set out to restructure her club and try to repair the damage that Antoine had done to its reputation. She also made the Charleston popular and soon other clubs were copying these dances too.

A veil scored more effect upon a distance audience.

mawabni Furthermore, Antoine had begun a romantic relationship with Egyptian actress Soraya Helmi and he was so besotted with her that not only had he neglected the club but he had also spent all of Badia’s money on his new mistress. His clothes were missing from her house.

This advertisement promoted the grand opening of Badia Masabni’s third nightclub, which was located in Giza City.

This grand sala was popularly known as the Casino Opera because of its proximity to the masabn Cairo Opera house.