You didn’t see him, his eyes. You fucking ass ranger. But I grew to accept despair. I just got stabbed in the fucking knee with a spoon! The facilities original purpose was to educate and rehabilitate mentally challenge and mentally deranged children. Okay, if Conway had a child. Those pills were already here when we got here.

I get to nail you in a different shaft. The Lord sustains my life. This place will burn! The point is that the exorcism and everything leading to it is completely unnecessary because it accomplishes nothing. Didn’t this place used to be a nut house? So let’s get rid of him.

I get to nail you in a different shaft. Yeahyeah, yeah!

Exeter a.k.a. Backmask (2015) Movie Script

Patrick, I’m getting hot under the collar. And then at There were vivid accounts of electroshock therapy Conway denied any wrong doings.

I told you Conway was alone. You could add more characters or whatever.

Like a tea bag In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit! We should be gone too. At an abandoned asylum, six teens tinker with the occult, causing a possession, paranormal mystery and a bloody nightmare that no one could predict.


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The children were no longer patients. Are you fucking kidding me?

Rave Party Teen Hilary Pingle You have no talent for deceiving anyone with the exception of yourself. Yeah, he just kissed me the head. Most of said teenagers behaves in the usual insane, illogical and downright ludicrous way as the supernatural events comes pouring down on them.

A bunch of fucked up kids. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: No more fucking games, alright? Ground’s full of shit. Jesse Ortega Super Reviewer. At the same time, Amber shows signs of possession.

Hope you brought your whistle. How did you know?

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Years later, Patrick volunteers to help Father Conway renovate the site. Search for ” Exeter ” on Amazon. Hey, Patrick there’s a grill, we need a screwdriver. Reign insists that Conway is responsible for the events and says that he has invoked the evil spirits.

Are you fucking kidding me. But there’s just not nearly enough that’s good here to where I’d really recommend this movie You can certainly do worse, but there’s nothing about this film that needs to be seen. Come on, come on. That’s holy water, man. My blood is yours.


Maybe it’s a roary. These document its abuses toward its patients, demise, and eventual bxckmask. Father, look at me! Clips show the history of the Exeter School of the Feeble Minded. Can we dip his finger in it? The point is that the exorcism and everything leading to it is completely unnecessary because it accomplishes nothing. Open the fucking door! He mixed “E” and thyroxine. I got to go.

Oh, you’re pissed off that you committed man slaughter. Although it initially seems to have succeeded, Rory reverts to his possessed self. How did it get in? What’s that suppose to mean? Actually, there’s this Emo girl on YouTube.