Simran is apologetic to her parents for not spending enough time with them but promises to do so from now on. Simran returns to get ready for the wedding when she receives a call informing her that Anandi is very serious. Saurabh warns everybody not to meet Simran. When Abhimanyu and Simran go to his house, his mother refuses to welcome Simran. On their way back, Abhimanyu reminds her that he would meet her again the next day for Anandi s baby s naming ceremony. Just then Amla phones and Padma asks her to return soon as matters at home were grave.

Abhimanyu informs Simran about the same. Saurabh s blood pressure shoots up and the doctor advises him to forget all worries and rest for a few days. Padma asks Saurabh to convince Simran calmly about this mismatch. Once they return home, Simran tells Rashmi that Abhimanyu had asked for her hand from Saurabh. Abhimanyu asks Simran to strike a deal with her he will teach her to smile and laugh, while she will impart some of her seriousness to him. Abhimanyu tells Simran that he loves her and awaits her reply.

Urmila refuses to become a witness for Simran-Abhimanyu s registered marriage but finally relents. Saurabh is furious with Manas for supporting Simran.

Abhimanyu seizes this opportunity to extend this formal invitation to Simran. Padma asks Simran if she would episoxe ahead with the proposal of a professor but she says that she never said anything about a proposal.

However, Abhimanyu tells her to go ahead to save Anandi’s life. He visits his sister Anandi and tells her about it.

When Abhimanyu and Simran go to his house, his mother refuses to welcome Simran.

When he realises her real identity, he is thoroughly embarrassed. A neighbour starts taunting Abhimanyu s parents. Anandi suggests that they get Abhimanyu and Simran back so that tongues will stop wagging. Abhimanyu epiisode Anandi that he has married Simran. She asks him to meet her for lunch in a restaurant where she d give him her reply.


Meanwhile, Simran’s family is thrilled to see her attend Rashmi’s pre-nuptial functions. Saurabh is shocked that his most favourite daughter Simran has subjected him to this ordeal.

Simran asks Abhimanyu to go oahani. Simran’s youngest sister Rashmi’s character is replaced from Ep When she visits his house, Abhimanyu s mother tells her that she is like a goddess to them because she has bestowed her house with so much happiness. Abhimanyu leaves the magazine with Simran’s snap, on her table. Abhimanyu asks Simran not to get upset, and be very sure of herself because the most important thing was that they love each other.

Amla call Simran before leaving for her trip and asks Simran to think about her personal life.

Abhimanyu also talks to her. Saurabh get furious with Abhimanyu s proposal for Simran and asks him to get out of his house. When he realises that Rashmi also supports Simran s decision, he gets angry with her too. Manas advises Simran to go for a honeymoon. Just then Amla phones and Padma asks her to return soon as matters at home were grave. They are happy for her. Simran tells Manas that she wants to go to China to attend the conference. Amla advises Simran to settle down soon.

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Simran is determined not to remove Anandi’s uterus, and she eventually succeeds. Anandi’s condition gets so critical that Simran says that if her condition deteriorates any further, then Anandi’s uterus will need to be removed.

Simran tells Rashmi that their age difference is just not an issue between them, and asks Rashmi why her family is making such a big noise about it. Manas asks Simran if she is in love. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu is quite smitten by Simran.


Saurabh tells Rashmi that the world would mock them if Simran were to marry Abhimanyu. Simran successfully operates on Anandi who delivers a baby boy.

Or will their love crumble and eventually succumb to familial and societal pressure? Anandi is upset that Vivek is leaving. Her family is thrilled.

Abhimanyu zeroes on the photographs of Simran which he plans to send for the magazine. She makes all the necessary arrangements in case of an emergency operation, and asks Abhimanyu to arrange for blood. In the restaurant, Abhimanyu tells Simran that her past and their age difference does not bother him. Simran has Anandi, a patient with serious delivery complications, admitted.

Amla advises Saurabh to seriously think about Simran’s marriage as age is against her. Abhimanyu is just not able to concentrate on his work as thoughts of Simran overwhelm him.

Saurabh tells Rashmi to make the next day, which is Simran s birthday, a special one. Simran’s younger sister Kavita Resham Tipnis arrives for the wedding with her son.

Astitva – Ek Prem Kahani

Abhimanyu waits in Simran’s cabin to interview her but has no idea who she is! She goes to seek permission for the same from Anandi’s parents but they are sceptical. Simran says that she’ll think and get back to him.