He was suited for a time when people had to buy movies through mail-order companies that they found in the back of magazines. Oh man, when you get to see what Mr. It’s about on par for guys like Nathan Schiff and the early Super-8 movies of Tim Ritter — they’re not good but everyone has to start somewhere. I showed some friends “Things” a few weeks ago and they still won’t talk to me. Available directly from Videonomicon with choice of three covers. However, some movies maybe shouldn’t be researched, and should just be experienced without any knowledge about their creation.

Newer Post Older Post Home. And an idea is all you CAN have unless you have an all region player, as the movie has seemingly never been released on US shelves, which is unfortunate hey Intervision – get on this! Not the new trendy releases. He also likes to grind his axe against his crotch in front of centerfolds plastered on his wall, which is definitely a movie first. English, French, and Spanish. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.

In which case that makes “Ogroff” kind of an admirable effort even if it borders on being unwatchable.

R1 Canada- Videonomicon – No cuts It also tones down the blown-out white levels in several shots; here’s a sample of the older transfer for comparison. And that would be fitting, actually – you notice the three genres at the top four if you count Frenchbut there’s also a vampire in there somewhere, and it fits splatter and exploitation as well not to mention is almost assuredly an independent production. There’s a ton of gore, but apart from one pretty cool axe in the face, it’s beyond cheap – usually you just get Ogroff swinging his axe which he masturbates at one point around at random, clearly not hitting anything, followed by an insert of said axe hitting what appears to be a pillow that has a blood pack inside of it.

Like us on Facebook Follow filmbizarro. It’s about on par for guys like Nathan Schiff and the early Super-8 movies of Tim Ritter — they’re not good but everyone has to start somewhere.

A horror and sci-fi enthusiast, he concocted this debut feature as an amateur cheapie for his own amusement, shot out in the French woods with a cast of amateurs and loads of fake blood.

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Neither could be described as definitive or even remotely attractive. Arms roll in the grass. Until I finally picked up a copy of the recent and legitimate DVD release because I’m not paying a shit load of oyroff for an original VHS copy from Artus Films and I have to say, the wait was ogoff not worth it. When people think of French horror movies some tend to lean towards the more classic, erotic films by the likes of Jean Rollin.


That one was pretty self explanatory. Do you own a release not listed? An elderly man who had been raised by wolves? I think part of the problem is that “Ogroff” wasn’t meant for the modern world.

Is he a 14 year old? A Super 8 slasher wonder that nearly defies description, the French splatter mini-epic Ogroff shown in many English territories as Mad Mutilator is the vilms of video store owner and fanzine publisher Norbert Moutier, a. Ogroff chopping up bodies with lots of gore “effects” that were just so artuz terrible it would have made German splatter filmmakers stop and ogrof, “Really? You get two viewing options here, the drab, dark, and fairly pale original transfer and a new remastered version that features some additional color correction bringing out a decent amount of saturation in what remains pretty compromised material.

And that’s about it. I don’t want to know! Any continuity that exists oggroff shots is seemingly accidental; things like closeups of someone inspecting a car’s engine are inserted between wide shots of a different area entirely, and at one point a corpse seemingly regains the head that was chopped off earlier.

Inspired by the likes of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Burning” and god knows what else — “Ogroff” tells the tale of a maniacal butcher stalking the woods in the French country side.

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Big thanks to Eric Cotenas for all the Screen Caps! Shot on Super 8mm, frequently out-of-focus, raggedly edited, with odd dubbing and stolen effects dropped directly onto the magnetic soundtrack wiping the live sound under it and creating dropouts and click thudslibrary music along with one catchy original synth track, OGROFF is more home movie than underground filmmaking.

Artus has more extras although not English-friendly while Videonomicon has a regraded viewing option.

The wife part, not the jaggin’ off with the axe part. Even knowing the age or biographical information about the director would ruin things. Ziemba Buy this disc from and help support Rewind. This American inspired trash-terpiece has gained quite a following and a reputation over the years but, sadly, I never really bothered to watch it.

Mount’s epic “Ogroff: Limited to only copies, which is evenly divided between the choice of two alternate cover designs, OGROFF is sure to sell out.

The Dolby Digital 2. More people show up and they get killed. Norbert Georges Mount, a. The disc can be ordered with a choice of three covers directly from Videonomicon. OGROFF is a real curiosity, a potpourri of ideas and tributes to better films that is messily thrown-together, yet somehow, someway — through sheer madness, perhaps?


However, in latethe Canadian label Videonomicon also rolled-out the red carpet treatment for OGROFFwith a new-and-improved transfer and much-more-literate English subtitles. The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second. More intriguing is a filmz “Scene d’introduction,” which appears to be a deleted 7-minute prologue with Vernon involving Nazi doctors in France performing experiments that somehow yielded the title character.

English, French, and Spanish Aspect Ratio: French Dolby Digital 2. Not the new trendy releases. I’ll use this one as a way to make it up to them. Audio French Dolby Digital ogrof. Almost hypnotic in its refusal to play by any kind of cinematic rules, this film revels in gory brutality but never feels all that offensive due to the fact that it’s so cheaply shot mostly in daylight and features a wacko, droning electronic soundtrack which is actually quite effective at times with maybe a dozen or so poorly dubbed French words awkwardly shoehorned in at random intervals.

We bought this movie from: Also included are a stills gallery and a promo screen for other Artus titles. When Ogroff gets tired of killing people he takes to viscously attacking inanimate objects with his axe, like cars and chess sets.

From Regions Beyond: French Gore on DVD, OGROFF – MAD MUTILATOR & DEVIL STORY

If so, let us know via our Feedback Form. An insane cannibal redneck stalks the woods in the French country side and kills anyone who dares to cross his path. Or better yet, at Flea Markets. Optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles are also provided.

Appearing like some unhinged farmer dressed in a woolen vest, rubber boots and a distinctive face-mask, Ogroff dispatches most of his victims with his trusty axe.

He also likes to grind his axe against his crotch in front of centerfolds plastered on his wall, which is definitely a movie first. He then goes off and kills some chess players that are just chilling in the woods, and then comes back and casually kill the girl as well.