The Next Generation episode. In exchange for ending wars and restoring the ecological balance, and improving their heavily polluted planet, the population would become the personal slaves of Ardra a thousand years later. She has a big spirit. The Next Generation , the agreement was that the being would correct the pollution of the planet in return for ownership of the planet a thousand years later. But she has a heart of gold, and she’s very strong. Security Chief Worf Michael Dorn tries to remove her without success, Data returns just then and confirms the language of the contract as well as Ardra’s claim to the planet, including anything in orbit, including the Enterprise. Conceptualized as a feminist character, Ishka was played by Andrea Martin once and Cecily Adams four times.

When Quark is unable to extract nepotistic assistance from the Grand Nagus, he colludes with Liquidator Brunt Jeffrey Combs to break up the couple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Lost Series 2nd ed. A thousand years ago, according to Ventaxian history, the population entered a Faustian deal with Ardra, their mythology’s devil. During the course of the hearing, Chief Engineer La Forge LeVar Burton and Clarke discover that Ardra has a cloaked ship nearby, that she is indeed using technology to simulate magic, and that she is a known criminal. These were said to be signs of her arrival. Where does that skill come from? I always wanted to look like she had just gotten it from a charity shop.

Van Hise, James When Ishka suffers castt heart attackQuark undergoes sex reassignment surgery to take her place at Zek’s side and win back the support of an influential Ferengi commissioner.

Now, there’s one I haven’t heard in a long time.

What is the point of learning something and then trying to forget? The Next Generation Magazine Was this review helpful to you? Ferengi Fictional characters introduced in Fictional females Fictional feminists and women’s rights activists Fictional unemployed people Star Trek: What did you know about the role?

Adams also infused Ishka with some of the stories Shimerman told of his own mother. Deep Space Nine character.


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Howard Clarke Paul Lambertthe leader of a Federation scientific delegation arxra Ventax II, where the population is in a state of panic, because they are convinced that their world will soon end. In the original version, the Enterprise visits Naterra and meets the planet’s leader, Zxolar, who is concerned that Captain Kirk is an alien called Komether, who is due to return within twenty days to destroy their world.

Director David Livingston recalled that they had a difficult time finding somebody to play Ishka; at one point, he even made the unpopular suggestion that Wallace Shawn Grand Nagus Zek appear in drag as Quark and Rom’s mother. Really, Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise, no doubt you have traveled the galaxy, encountered a diverse universe of creatures. ScottySulu and Chekov all volunteer as well, [6] and the alien disables each of them as they move Zxolar. For the homophonic Iranian village, see Ishgah, Lahijan.

Log in arda Facebook. I watched episodes and then I had to start another film and flew straight off. Citing old legal precedent, Picard calls for a Ventaxian arbitration hearing, to which Ardra agrees, provided Data acts as the arbitrator, as he will act with impartiality.

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William Shatner as Captain James T. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Deep Space Nine characters. In exchange for wtar wars and restoring the ecological balance, and improving their heavily polluted planet, the population would become the personal slaves of Ardra a thousand years later. Komethar appears and agrees to a trial with the Enterprise ‘ s computer acting as an impartial judge.

He finds that McCoy was trapped within the wall and releases him, too. Quark confesses his part, and helps reunite Ishka and Zek. Philip Lazebnik William Douglas Lansford. Howard Clarke Marcelo Tubert Did you work outside-in? Is there no room for the likes of me?


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Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Have you caught up on the show now? Harry Basch as Dr. Zxolar tells Kirk about the contract, who retrieves it from the planet’s surface and challenges it.

Data finds under the planet’s law the only possible way is by choosing an arbitrator – she proposes ever objective Data, who warns Picard he will be impartial, and is accepted Ishka appears in five canon episodes of DS9and also features in seven licensed-but-non-canon Star Trek novels. As tiny as Evangline is, she does occupy space. Created by Todd A. Ishka is a fictional character from the science fiction television series Star Trek: Edit Storyline The Enterprise obliges a planet which acutely faces an original problem: They [they] made a new face for her, wrinkledand did the backs of her hands.

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Picard is told she is known by many names in various systems, all frightening and almost almighty, but he refuses to believe she’s the planet’s version of the Devil, and decides to challenge trrek legal claim. In an interview with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: In terms of the look, my big thing was always can she afford this?

Ishka also cst in several officially-licensed, non-canonStar Trek novelse-booksand short stories:. She claims that the planet, and the orbiting Enterpriseare her legal property due to an agreement signed a thousand years earlier.

Auberjonois speculated that she took the role anyway because he’d been so upfront with her. Retrieved December 20, But she has a heart of gold, and she’s very strong.