Going to miss those two. They are sooo smart. Benda yang ingin Mi-ho ambil adalah album foto tua — yang berisi banyak foto gembira — dan dia menemukannya kembali di loteng sekolah laga. He killed his sister tor the good of the universe. You can see clearly from k-what blog. There was no point to letting two dead souls and one immortal body loose in the world still, using up precious life energy and continuing their respective notorious reputations in the Afterworlds and out.

This would make it much easier to track conversations and threads of replies from now on.. After her first death, her “real” death, he hid her body in the barn where they found it. Lol, but my thoughts exactly. She starts to smile. First time I’ve heard of it, and I’ve followed this drama very carefully from day one. But given how good the rest of the episode went, I can forgive them. As for the ending I was pleased they got to be together but felt oddly unemotional about it. I’ve always seen your comments in every other drama with a negative attitude.

In the end, this episode drama played out just like thw South Korean soccer team has done in the last two World Cup games: What are you magishrate do?! Min-sook mengenang dengan penuh kasih sayang bagaimana Dae-woong selalu berada di sekitarnya untuk menenangkannya. Dol-swe totally misses the comment but he does earn points for taking her to a street artist to have their pictures drawn. RTP I knew that it was coming pretty much from episode 1.

SaucyScribe October 4, at In a way, I was expecting it from these writers. He killed his sister tor the sinopeis of the universe. She looked just as beautiful before her burial as she did when alive! Dengan enggan, Dae-woong menurut. Dan ternyata Mi-ho memberikan voucher kosmetik pada Dae-woong! I’m guessing thats Lee Jae Yong playing Eun-oh’s dad.


Abd pleads at him to wake up… as her body flickers and vanishes. This was a body that was killed 3 years prior and had not decayed.

Can I share on soompi’s thread ur comment please? Overall I did thoroughly enjoy this show from start to finish, because it really did feel like thought and care was put into the construction of an entire world, where mythology and rules were important because they certainly are to me.

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Can you really not remember? Perhaps it was in the preview for Ep Surely she knew them tricky gods wouldn’t send bait without setting a time limit or some other thing on it to sknopsis more devilish plans coming to fruition if the humans employed did, in some chance, fail? Sutradara Ban sudah memutuskan untuk membersihkan tempat itu dan mereka perlu membuang zinopsis yang tertinggal.

It’s not quite as fun when the fantasy both creates and magically solves the problems.

Aranng flashback, Mu-young instructs him to take a look at the record book of life and death, which should list the true culprit. I enjoyed this drama so much.

It is even better than the show! It’s quite sad for a couple to reincarnate as siblings but retain and regain the feelings of another sort of fate.

Arang and the Magistrate Promotional poster for Arang and the Magistrate.

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Not all get happy ending I was gonna guess him, too!!! Really confused as to how anyone could possibly feel bad for Joo-wal.

Untungnya sebuah telpon pada kakek bisa memberikan kepastian kalau Ddoong-ja sudah menemukan jalan pulang ke rumah. Ella Zala October 19, at Tthe find Joo-wal to be pathetic and weak, but not unsympathetic. Miyoko Nakamura October 19, at 8: Story-wise, it can seen as lazy.


After her first death, her “real” death, he hid her body in the barn where they found it. All it has given us thus far is a meek, slow-witted and soft-spoken wallflower with zero sexual magnetism. Y’know, if you read Girlfriday’s recaps at night, alone and really fast, you can actually scare yourself out of a good night’s sleep O.

Arang asks what happened, and he can barely say the words: And also i found myself yelling at the screen when Eun-oh didn’t tell Arang what was happening. I find myself suddenly strange and creepy to ship Joowal and Arang together, but jeez send me to a magistrrate, I do.

As for the punishment for being a murderor — isn’t that what Joo-Wal is currently?

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What we’re watching by DB Staff. And they ought to come to a bad end so future serial killers or other near-baddies like marriage-breakers or women who toss off their beloved in order to marry rich old men should take note and not belief life will turn out well in the end.

So… the gods knew all along? In my humble opinion, LJK’s talent is quite undeniable and has been widely acknowledged in Korea and internationally, so there is no need to run anyone down to push him up.