That’s someone who really loves her because it’s not what she would have wanted, not what would make her happy in that moment. Arang admits that she is afraid of finding out the truth about her death now. It has always been about himself. It doesn’t matter that Eun-Oh doesn’t remember his past life, because Arang remembers for both of them and they have a whole lifetime to build new memories together. Even though if I go to heaven I will forget you, and if I go to hell you will forget me. Eun Oh lets her hand go and with a pained smile, accepts her answer.

Actions speak louder than words, ya know! He went sageuk because he is fit There are just so many troubling issues that remained unresolved and we only have 2 more episodes!! EO mentioned before that his father used his position to quash the rumors about the illegitimate son being able to see ghosts and then included EO in their family registry. Being gods they certainly can give better than they got.. ShinRaeMi07 October 17, at 8: Arang wails into his shoulder through a flood of tears: Hardly the next best scenario that Arang think she will be getting by choosing to keep their memories intact.

We know ES has to go back because of the notebook. Wonder how will JW feel if Eunoh call her mother? So glad action was taken immediately eppisode that old punk, lol. This drama display 3 types of love.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

ljve Dammit Arang you lying liar! You are commenting using your WordPress. The most recent third and fourth episodes contained many questions, but the story progressed so slowly that no clues were uncovered. She wonders where she is but wants to find Joo Wal to thank him before leaving. I think they just honest with their feeling I have been camping in front of my comp just waiting to read your recap for this episode: Lord Choi meanwhile gets the news that Arang is alive and that makes him remember the time Evil Mom once told him of the existence of such a being.


Dominique October 18, at 8: In Buddhism I mean there are 2 sect About hitomiakiko Architect and Aspiring Writer. CaroleMcDonnell October 12, at 5: Eun Oh is faster on the horse and he quickly overtakes Moo Young.

Starts from Mu Yeon shoving M aside and running for arang. If Arang gave herself up, that would’ve been silly, cause it would be a mere little loop and a subplot with no real purpose.

If the time come, MY will try to escape by thw out her soul from Arang’s body. Mu-yeong still possesses Eun oh’s body, but not to help her but to kill Mu-yeon.

Do agree with Anna. It drives me crazy rexap every time I see it. Then Mu-yeong finally helps her and then possesses Eun Oh’s body so they can be together. Yellow October 18, at Plus I like it because it emphasizes the human aspect of the heart, keeps up the tension, and you can still insert action into it. Arang watches this from a roof and confirms Eun Oh can see ghosts.

Koala your recaps are wonderful and all your hard work is greatly appreciate it. They kept pulling me back when I wanted out. Viewers say that the problem with Arang and the Magistrate and Faith is that they are either too unfriendly or too friendly. But yeah, alas, it’s true. Bakachild September 26, at 9: I enjoyed this drama so much. Even my Gaksital is taking longer than usual.

Kiara September 27, at 8: They have to show something as their value added to make me look at them as I look at LJG now, kkk don’t get mad, this is just me. He has mentioned this and think of himself first and foremost as an actor, so that’s fine. Even with its flaws, watching it was a delight.


He says the wind feels good today. She gasps out his name, though, asking to be put down. Ah, yes maybe inside she’s burning like the others thought, who knows?

But has LJK ever have kids in his dramas?

By the way, thank you for the recaps! Poor Dol Swe is surprised-what has come over his Master?! She had been dead for three years but the arxng looked fresh. Could it be EO’s mom’s soul in the jar?

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 Recap

Never been so much involved Lve Mrembo October 18, at 6: Actually, LJG is kind of disturbing to me sometimes haha. That’s also what I did. Jan October 17, at A lice way to tell the viewer it won’t end up that way and thus stomp all over our hopeful hearts before the end.

She answers that Mom wanted revenge against Lord Choi—but not to kill him. The way Lee Jun ki emotes with his eyes I don’t know the myth other than what I’ve read on Wikipedia, but the servant that betrayed her He looks out and remembers how he bumped into arang on the street when she was dressed as a patrolman.