Television channels in Croatia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Croatian-language television stations Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Croatian television networks Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Have a good time in Hell. Yeah, I know she is constantly accusing him of cheating, but to think they are doomed is interesting. Gabriela dies in the coffin; Fernando blows his head off. Victoria in Texas – JA and Vickie pretty much declared their feelings to each other. My money is on him saying, “You go first, Paula”. I prefer Roy’s proposal to the Guz’s. She was one of the candidates to star as Nessarose in the Mexican version of Wicked but lost the role to Daniela Lujan.

The supertrio goes back to the street, and they try to find out what to do. I am glad you got to catch up with this ending. There were three women and one guy, and they chattered so fast that I had no idea what they were saying. I cried when Salsero was released from prison and Guillo who we called demon spawn in the beginning of this TN!!! Tuesday, July 30, at I’m not sure every moment of every episode was worthy of your efforts, but then, I suspect some of the funniest snark was produced in recapping some of the daffier material. I wonder why Nikki took that whole cake.

Saw the last week and the final but I still have to catch up with a lot of the episodes. La doble vida de Estela Carrillo since Mi marido tiene familia since Por amar sin ley since Sin miedo a la verdad since Amar a muerte since Ringo since We haven’t seen her interact with Roy yet, so we don’t know.


Oh, no need of that, he helped her as a friend.

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So behind and just so busy. Yes, please do stop by once in a while and say howdy. Too bad it is under the bed now and won’t Polita be pithed. Such great acting when Betty gave kind of a scolding, yet loving, embarrassed look to Guillo for spilling the beans as to her emotions. Salsa-Dude tenses up when she talks about encountering Kendra-Ho. Betty sadly says that Salsero and Santino Roca are two very different people… and God, what is she going to tell Guillo?

But everything is relative: This comment has been removed by the author.

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I was very surprised that with everything they have gone through, Cris’ working for Kendra really seems to have been the last straw for him. Tourist at pool uncredited 1 episode, Having a bird of prey deliver my ring in the middle of a field while serenaded by a lady with a sax just does not do it for me.

Even when TNs aren’t the best, the recappers and commenters make it excellent! It’s a good thing — since Doris is keeping her mouth shut about her son going after Nikki for the money and I suspect without proof that Jocelyn has banged Nelson in the past.

Maybe the horrid one will have an “accident” so to speak. I guess she made sure to never get on his bad side. Kendra and Salsero plan Nelson to fall in love with her in order to get a lot of money. Thanks ElviraGreat recap and great screencaps. I know she has low self esteem but really? That so fit the Kendho!


Espanto talked, so now they can go and find Kendra. Everyone knows with my Favorite couple I am at pure bliss. Kendrw, I’m with you My big thank you all to all the wonderful recappers of this beautiful telenovela.

My favorite part was when Roy told JA he and Lililu wanted to get married. Victoria in Texas – JA and Vickie pretty much declared their feelings to each other.

She quickly sneaks a glance and sees the Little Ape overhearing their conversation. Leo vows to some lowlife customer at the bar where amofes works that he WILL get Bea and his son back, because she’s his wife!

List of Amores verdaderos episodes

Monday night and there was no Amores Verdaderos to watch, Amoress sad AribethI read your part one and I thank you for it. I am genuinely curious as to what they may find.

Thank you for the captures and pictures Aribeth! They were divorced three years later. Shouldn’t they have shared it out to all the staff and all those guards working outside?

At first Polita hesitates, but then she says yes enthusiastically.