You just don’t understand, Augustina. His reaction to the selling of the bulls suggested that maybe the neighbors weren’t going to be real happy with a change in course at Malquerida. Camila is an obstacle to both. She dismisses her before speaking to him. Can this show get any stupider??? Aggie learning about Dion. Rocio says they should talk alone, as this is about them, but Cayetano won’t be put off. In the first scene they edited out Dan kissing Cam’s thigh in a suggestive way as she holds down her skirt, then he takes the arm holding down the skirt and puts it over her head as he kisses her.

Marguerita opens the envelope left by Rosario and hurries out the door. I knew you’d fill in the blanks with excellent detail. Audible Download Audio Books. Tuesday, January 15, at 5: Hissadora asks what he will do with respect to Pablo. El Diablo knows nothing about Rosario’s relationship to Alonso, but after tonight it won’t be long before he finds out. Lucero, Fernando Colunga, Arturo Peniche. But if he was not really married in Mexico anyway because he used a false name , then it doesn’t matter if he’s married to Gussy under any of his other names.

Plus, Dan has always been a skeptic– remember how he drove us crazy when he refused to believe Camila wasn’t the evil mastermind of Miriam’s shooting. I hope all he needs is his meds rather than, say, a new heart.

Valiant Love

Cami’s gonna tear her apart when she finds out how she’s besmirching Don Dan’s name. It just needs to be proved that she did it. Years pass and tragedy brings him back, vengeance fills his heart I’d love for some producer someday soon to adjust the moon phases appropriately. This little storm was too much for him to try to avoid.

So the paper in the envelop was the deed to Malquerida. So, with the police guard at the door, how did Al and Chayo arrange to have a deed signed and witnessed etc? I wondered if either of them would even know how to initiate the love making. He looks irritated through all this, but she doesn’t see this I notice it in the street, but I feel insecure because I’m not as attractive as Isadora.


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Must remember that this is not the usual novela. I was afraid that Cayetano would try and bring Isa as his date to the wedding. Abraham’s and Miriam’s whereabouts.

Use the HTML below. Padre’s reaction in the confessional to Rosario was surprising. He pours a little for her and we learn that she’s never had it before. He has episoee reason to think that Al didn’t kidnap Camila.

She gets happiness and Mariano gets Teresa. Rosario is short and so humble in demeanor and was seated while Dan is strapping and was standing at times, making him seem even more the bully. I want her to suffer. I want Barb to fall off a cliff. I opened my heart and allowed myself to love again. How we planned the rest of our lives together? If she isn’t redeemed from conniving skankhood by the love of a good man, maybe Bratgirl is there to taint Rodolfo just enough for him to have a bit of compassion when Natalia ends up pregnant and rejected by Yago?

They walk around, kiss in various places, and come to the place where they’re staying. Anor is so mean, but sometimes so funny with her sarcastic looks and remarks and snapping of her fingers, “Oh, poor sweetheart, you can only hold one photo at a time,” she was snarkily commenting on their slowness and unwillingness to do her bidding.

Meanwhile, we have to deal with all the other Pairs ‘n Spares. It’s beyond making Yago jealous which was never going to work anyway and now she’s all over Rodolfo even when they’re alone.

Thank you UA for the excellent recap. However, I doubt that Camila will end up alone on the amro with Augustina.

She dismisses her before speaking to him. Thanks for the extensive detailing of Rosario’s, itself excruciatingly detailed, story.


Well, Padre is a Cahtolic priest and the whole taking a life thing is taken really seriously in the Catholic Church abortion, suicide, assisted suicide, and murder are all kind of bravuo in the same boat. Alborada TV Series They scene to have edited out Cami climbing on top of Dan and positioning herself, and then her bare back which the censor really seems to hatealthough it’s a REALLY tame scene.

Great comment, Vivi, about the audience and the bull -stuff. When Amanda asks if she thinks the Alberrans will accept her, she still naively retorts, “Pablo fought for Luzma, so I’m sure Yago will do the same.

This episode started to pick the pace brvaio up!

Caray, Caray!: Amor Bravío # (Uni ) Mon 1/21/13

Yes, I guess you’re right. Before she and Daniel can talk much about this Mariano and Pablo arrive to tell her about Hissadora’s order to sell off the herd after delivering the fighting bulls that have already been contracted for. He would’ve been relieved that she was no longer hounding him for a committed relationship. Refugio points out that Hissadora is now without a centavo because La Malquerida’s title went to its rightful owners and of course, Rocio realizes that Hissadora wants Cayetano’s money [as she once did, no doubt].

Looks like Luzma’s health crisis will delay that for a while anyway. No, it’s not like that sits on arm of chair and puts her hands on his shoulders Dionisio: Edit Storyline Camila Monterde moves to her uncle’s ranch after the death of her fiance. Renata, a spirited woman, is treated cruelly by her mother and sister.

Flamenco music and a close-up of Don Daniel’s portrait. Rosario cries in the church as she remembers Alonso and declares that the evil ones must pay.

The episoed was what ticked me off the most.