Jerry is shown to be thinking of Sam, Alex and Clover. Jerry decides not to retire. When the kids come late home, Trudy sees them and touches a serum that makes her a spy-sassin. Scary Jerry Two part episode ” [1]. Megan complains about their outdated suits and gets to try a new prototype suit. Stony Falcon [Renamed ‘Snowy’ Falcon] 2. Into The Blue 3.

The villain has a resemblance to the granny but is not her. The Spiez visit the abandoned island which used to be WOOHP’s supercomputer site and end up falling for many hidden traps. The Spiez are sent to investigate a series of abductions. The sibling Spiez attempt to capture a villain with no teamwork. In the B-story, Tami steals all of Megan’s looks. In the B-story, Lee must get his act together after a humiliating loss of a basketball game in front of the whole school. Views Read Edit View history. When he is in the factory, Flaky brainwashes him and the other kids to take down the competition.

At the end of the episode it has a close-up of Marc’s siblings before he dives, there is another Marc standing next to them when Marc is on the diving board. Sherry Lewis 2 Absent: The sibling Spiez attempt to capture a villain with no teamwork. Hacker, the mission number isshowing continuity error on the show.

The Curse of Oak Island 2. The All City Middle School Olympiad is about to have its yearly competition, but a week before the proceedings all the teams are attacked.

In the B-story, Megan gets a crush on a tall new student named Paul, a transfer student from California and wants to be tall herself to have him notice her.

Lee and Marc try to stop Termitator and Tony and Megan go to the lab to try to eliminate a crazy machine. The Spiez are sent to investigate the disappearances, but find themselves facing a shark. Stony Falcon [Renamed ‘Snowy’ Falcon] 2.


In Operation The 50 Ft. The three remaining Spiez set off to rescue their brother and all the other people amazig Crabby Bob who hopes to sink the entire world into the ocean and make it safe for all fish and crabs. Tony gets caught up in his fame. They find mysterious footprints that lead them to Pisa. The Spiez must stop him before he eliminates their Mom, a real estate agent.

The Amazing Spiez! Season 1 Episode 19 – Operation Crabby Bob

Megan and Davey shrink back to their normal sizes and Megan is past her crush on Paul, only to find he dates short girls and now wants to be shorter. Views Read Edit View history. When the kids come late home, Trudy sees them and touches a serum that makes her a spy-sassin.

At the school, a zombie invasion is occurring. Episdoe villain is now after the Spiez and tries to use their parents to eliminate them. A Car Wash Owner.

After finishing up a mission, the kids try to return home, only to be detained by answering a distress call from a mysterious island. She is a colleague to the scientists she abducted.

The Spiez must find out who is responsible while protecting their school. Britney, Blaine and Dean appears as cameos in this episode.

The Amazing Spiez! Season 1 Episode 19

No Pal in Principal” [2]. This is the first episode to include “evil” in its episode title just like amazijg episodes of Totally Spies! Soon, they are led to an Animal Rescue warehouse and find out that the creatures are half-human and half-animal because their DNA was combined.

All clues led to Kat seeking revenge on her hair dresser for turning her into a hairy monster. The Spiez are sent to a mission involving men from a university who are having fighting each other.


Seeason machine malfunctions and Megan inflates.

The public saw him stop Slick Mick and start to call him “Yo-yo Boy”. Certain scientists have been abducted and the Spiez are sent to investigate. Add to Watchlist Added. In the ranch, the four Spiez finally meet the original Spies: To keep an eye on him, the Spiez are invited to be in his Spy show, with the guidance of their parents who think they won a contest. In the B-story, Marc gets a crush on a girl classmate. S;iez you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more!

In the B-story, Marc tries to find a gift for their parents’ anniversary so he can earn a gift from them in return, specifically a robot. Megan is attacked by a Tami Doll, but her ajazing refuse to believe her until they find out that the stolen microchip was in the eposode.

The Amazing Spiez! season 1 episode 19

Also, first time we see all the Clarks as evil. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

Once she is free she becomes an evil paparazzi with the intent of exposing Jerry and the Spiez. The evil scheme is similar to the one in Totally Spies episode “Green with N. This is supposedly where season 2 takes off.

The famous hairdresser, Tress Locksley has been repeatedly attacked. This is another continuity error. Sharky, a top real estate agent, decides to eliminate his competition by selling them his Condos. The creator of Sunrise Tan was dumped by her boyfriend, so she made Sunrise Tan to get revenge.