Her mom and Mizuguchi are also there, having a meeting with some advertising director. Watch Episode 62 Sub. He confesses he has been having feelings for her for quite some time now. Watch Episode 92 Sub. Still, Haruko is unapologetic, insisting that she did nothing wrong. She does not want to see Hibiki’s pix of Yui, even feeling slighted when Hibiki mentions her being “out of work” now that she has quit Futomaki’s office.

Hiroshi goes out to speak to Aki on the phone. The venue for the applicant interview turns out to be Coffee Shop Idol. Aki senses something unusual about him. Watch Episode 94 Sub. Watch Episode 42 Sub. Watch Episode 52 Sub.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer Copyright Watch Episode 50 Sub.

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The guys inform them that Yoshida and Kurihara Shiori are getting married and good-naturedly chide Hiroshi about it, who is sitting at a corner, looking gloomy. She has also been working part-time at a convenience shop.

But Aki realizes there’s nothing wrong with getting a kiss since she is old enough anyway. So then, that afternoon Watch Episode 62 Sub.

Episode #1.109

Watch Episode 8 Sub. Aki tells her about how strict her mom is to her, and even mentions an unsavory comment that Haruko made about Suzuka’s “ham” acting during her Idol days.


Adding to his difficulties, Haruko is adamant that he amachab gets roles with speaking parts to show off Aki’s “indescribable accent. He says since Futomaki has taken over the reins of GMT, he Mizuguchi feels he has been unceremoniously kicked out and does not have anything left to do. Her mom and Mizuguchi are also there, having a meeting with some advertising director. Watch Episode 21 Sub. Watch Episode 40 Sub. She had been banned from love for so long but realizes she had already quit Futomaki’s company and is now free to have a relationship.

Watch Episode 95 Sub.

If I accept one of these, I’ll turn into a snob. He later goes back to Tokyo to show Aki the shots he took of Yui. Then, they also see Kawashima and Kaoruko, doing the same thing.

She tells Masamune that it is time to “get serious”. However, he is unhappy to see Aki’s pictures plastered all over the media And she needs someone to accompany her.

Aki arrives at Coffee Shop Idol. The venue is full of adoring fans, and the girls seem lively and happy performing onstage.

He stands up and hands Haruko his resume. Yui looks surprised and troubled by the news. Taneichi is in a strange mood.

Watch Episode 72 Sub. Watch Episode 55 Sub. But Aki is not in a mood to talk and lashes out at Haruko.


Haruko is done with the applicant screening, and feels unsatisfied with the turn-out. Watch Episode 73 Sub. Watch Episode 27 Sub. Suzuka is upset about that but what Aki really wants to talk about is Taneichi. That was the man she was walking with in Ueno that day.

Aki senses something unusual about him. Mizuguchi is at the counter, looking ready to apply, and wearing a smart business suit.

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Yoshie looks sincerely sorry. Watch Episode 41 Sub.

Watch Episode 98 Sub. It seems it is Mizuguchi’s way of proving to Haruko that he is not like Futomaki who will continue to string a talent along endlessly, and fool her into believing that she will debut.

In Tokyo she had gotten some free-lance announcer jobs with the help of her former boss during her announcer days.