Race for the wool with Static then found Etho! How I really found the Mindcrack group is a bit convoluted. Pause entered with a just started Black Desert. From there it gets hazy, I think I found pause next somehow, then the mindcrack server. Honestly, I’m still branching into the other Mindcrackers: Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

I am soo bad!!! I became hooked on Kurts Celestia videos though, and checked back every now and then for more astronomy. I had no idea it was a private server, since it was an episode where he was pranking with doc. I was already on YouTube, looking up videos on the Farlands. Back in the good old days when PaulSoaresJrs’ first episode was on the minecraft website, I began to watch that series until he mentioned pyropuncher in one of his videos. Paul used to talk about etho, so I watched him, and then etho uploaded that hour long king of the ladder. A few months ago I started working from home and all of a sudden could spend pretty much as much time farting around on YouTube as I wanted to during the day, anyway , and I guess Mindcrack just kind of happened.

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I’ve only started watching Mindcrack since he joined, but since then I’ve branched out to Pause and Kurt. Join us in Gilbert Arizona where we go to Toasted Mallow to create aksartankiiier of a kind gourmet marshmallows! And when my friend alerted me on episode 2 being uploaded, I decided not to spoil for myself and watch all the perspectives in order before starting with episode 2.


So many videos being uploaded!! At a certain point he liked the King of the Ladder video and I fell in love. Then for some reason I started looking through Guude’s videos, watched his Amnesia videos and I kinda akspartankiiied it.

Soon I checked his videos, and watched them.

Minecraft Tech Reboot Episode 13

DiscoEthoSethwhatit2u. Craziness when you thing about it! I began subscribing to all the popular Mindcrackers; Pause, Beef, Baj, etc. That was when he was playing Canopy Carnage. Watch Coestar and Avidya.

P And i’m watching most of them: Now I regularly watch content from half a dozen different Mindcrackers. He was in the middle of the Exploration and Tactics Series, his old one.

Then everything from there. Intruiged, I went to his channel, and became hooked on his videos and commentary: I think I just saw Etho’s videos in the Recommended list and they intrigued me, so I subscribed.

I looked it up and found Guude. Don’t kill me guys, but it was Etho. akspartnkiiier

AK Spartan KiIIer

I was just minecract onto Youtube, and in my recommended videos was a Sethbling video, and it looked pretty cool, so I clicked it.

They seemed cool so I subscribed to them. One day, there was this series with him, Pause, Joe and Cleo being shown around the first RFW map by Vechs himself a meeting I still don’t quite understand how it happened.

I don’t remember how I found Guude, but it was around the time he started his first SMP series, so late I subbed Brian because I thought he seemed like a really nice dude.


I thought it sounded interesting so headed over to watch. One day someone suggested that he should try Black Dessert. Back in those when he was on episode 16 of Farlands Or Bust if I remember correctly. Everybody around me started talking about minecraft and I thought: He mentioned Coestar who mentioned Etho.

At first I only watched his LP since he didnt post Mindcrack that often.

I subscribed and noticed that he was talking about “Mindcrack” a lot. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

No discussing or sharing leaked episodes. I was watching a Youtube video Can’t remember what video it was.

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How did you come across the mindcrackers? I soon found out about the myth of Herobrine. Like everyone else I found about kurt on the minecraftwiki’s Farlands page, so I checked out his channel.

One of the few LPs of legendary I enjoyed listening to for extended periods. The LPer who shall remain unnamed never finished the map and gave up on it, but I wanted more.

It’s amazing how fast they grew. I’m glad I found it.